Special Jeep Edition SPOT Gen 4 GPS
Special Jeep Edition SPOT Gen 4 GPS

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  •     SOS: With the press of a button, GEOS can provide local response teams with your coordinates and GPS information. For example, call respondents 9-1-1 in North America and 1-1-2 in Europe. SOS. This button is only used in emergency situations.
  •     CUSTOM MESSAGE: Prepare a custom message before the next adventure to be sent to a pre-defined contact list. If you are using SPOT S.O.V, use this feature as a secondary OK message or pass the warning on to this messaging feature for personal assistance. The service is on your help button.
  •     "HELP / S.O.V: Remind your personal contact that you need help without putting your life at risk. Or use SPOT S.O.V. for on-site professional vehicle services. (Other services required)"
  •     Tracking: A dedicated tracking function takes your adventure to a new level. Whichever level of service you choose, turn on motion tracking and set the vibration sensor to notify SPOT to send lane updates when you move and go away. Stop when you are working.
  •     Calling: Use GPS coordinates to send pre-programmed text or emails, and you can call up to 10 contacts in your location. Waypoint is saved in your SPOT account for future reference. Saved waypoints can easily be merged into a syndicated show or SPOT Adventures account.

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