Garmin vivofit jr Kids Fitness Tracker
Garmin vivofit jr Kids Fitness Tracker

Garmin Vivovate Jr. 3, Kids' Fitness Tracker, Swim-friendly, 1-Year Independence, Marvel Iron Man

Your child can find strength with Iron Manvívofit®jr. 3 fitness trackers for kids. The kid-friendly, swim-friendly fitness tracker uses a color screen and Iron Man design, and has an Avengers-inspired screen option with replaceable parent battery and a maximum battery life of one hour per year. This allows kids to do 60 minutes of activities per day to experience the Marvel Avengers and Marvel Avengers adventures in mini games. Parents can use the app on a compatible smartphone to monitor graded steps, sleep, activity time, manage and set tasks, set timers, and even offer rewards for effectively improving good behavior. Inspiring kids to keep up with new timed activities. Encourage children to resume new timed activities to keep up with their pace and estimated distance to continue moving. To keep you safe, you can quickly check your child's emergency number on vívofitjr. 3.

Implemented by Garmin Jr.

To get some of the features including app adventures, presentation activities, tasks, sleep, general data, etc., you will need to download the Garmin Jr. app. Pair it with your child's jr vivofit on a compatible smartphone. 3.

Open adventure activity

As a travel companion, your child will explore different sites from ancient Greece to Mount Everest, explore educational adventures, discover famous sites and uncover secrets.

Contests and contests

Not only does the 60-minute daily activity unlock adventure activities, the more activity time kids record, the more opportunities they have to take surprise tests, learn fitness techniques, and participate in games.


Achieving daily activity goals can also reward your child with colored gemstones. You can use gems to display pictures in album that contain memories of all your adventures.

Fitness cards

By training their travel buddies, your child will learn basic physical training card exercises, including high jumpers, sloping dogs, climbers, etc.

Temporary event

With new timed activities, kids can track their steps and estimated distances in the park, in soccer, and at other play times. View your saved activities in the Garmin Jr. app. For later use.

Color screen

Even on sunny days, kids can see everything on the color screen. And you can help them customize it with some interesting watch faces.

Ice cube tool (in case of emergency)

It never hurts to be prepared. Enter your child's emergency contact details into the ICE for quick access when needed.

Ball and rewards

Set tasks and tasks in the app and set the value of the default currency for rewards. Your child can redeem coins in the app for agreed rewards.

Garmin vivofit jr Kids Fitness Tracker
Garmin vivofit jr Kids Fitness Tracker

  •     The Marvel Iron Man Kids Activity Tracker app offers an interactive app experience that allows kids to relive Infinity Saga and become Marvel's Avengers compatible smartphone app (requires a Garmin Jr. compatible smartphone app with vívofitjr.3 -Coupling).
  •     This durable swim-friendly fitness tracker features a large color display, multiple options, and up to a year battery life - no charging required and the battery is interchangeable between parents
  •     Inspiring kids to achieve specific and proactive goals by unlocking adventures, games and icons within the app, and showing their favorite characters and the most exciting moments in Infinity Saga
  •     To get the trivial done, parents can use the Garmin Jr. Set tasks, schedule alarms and alarms, and reward children for good behavior
  •     Get the full picture by tracking your baby's estimated steps, sleep, and recommended daily activities of 60 minutes for your little one

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