Alianke Black 1 PCS Smart GPS Tracker
Alianke Black 1 PCS Smart GPS Tracker

1pc Alianke Black Smart GPS Tracker Key Finder Wireless Sensor Locator Alarm Anti-lost for Phone Keychain Wallet Baggage Tracker Selfie Off

1. The anti-loss device is provided with accessories (such as keys, bags, etc.). You can also take remote control selfies with you while traveling, which is very convenient.
2. Anti-lost alarm reminder.
3. The device should be used against loss for the elderly, children and people with low IQ. In complex environments (such as shopping, travel, etc.) a lost alarm should be triggered.
4. Hang the anti-drop tire on the animal to enjoy game time and close distance control at all times.
5. With 7 basic colors (black) can match each other, saving unlimited space.
6. If the anti-loss device exceeds the specified bluetooth range during communication, the mobile phone and the anti-loss device will send an alarm at the same time. After disconnecting the loss protection device and the mobile phone, you can view the map location. By providing "Please do not disturb", you can set the phone to sleep mode to avoid any interruptions from work and other important times.
7. The mobile phone camera function can be controlled by the anti-lost device, while the Selfie can be controlled remotely. The mobile phone recording function can be controlled by the device's anti-lost device.

Alianke Black 1 PCS Smart GPS Tracker
Alianke Black 1 PCS Smart GPS Tracker

  •     1. Protect your valuables from being lost. When the mobile phone and the anti-loss device exceed the standard effective distance, it will automatically give two-way alarm to search for the owner to avoid the loss (the elderly, children, pets, etc.).
  •     2. Bidirectional search. I forgot your mobile phone when I press the anti-lost device twice, the phone wakes up and I forgot where my wallet is. In the mobile app, tap the call so you don't miss the alarm, then look along the volume point
  •     3. A remote control for selfies, you only need to control the mobile phone to take pictures from a distance (max. 10 meters).
  •     4. Positioning and tracking: The current position of the object can be checked on the phone, and the last remaining position can be checked after separating the specifications
  •     5. Multitasking management: the working distance is less than 10 without any obstacles. One mobile phone can manage up to 6 devices at the same time. The application supports English and Chinese

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