Globalstar Spot Trace Satellite Tracking Device
Globalstar Spot Trace Satellite Tracking Device

Globalstar Spot Trace 100% Nexus Satellite & Wireless Flight Tracker

 How often do you care about your most important asset? This is where we alleviate your fear by implementing "tracing" to track your assets.

SPOT Trace provides advanced content tracking. With the compact and lightweight device, you can track everything anytime, anywhere. When your most prized possessions are entered or tracked in SPOT Mapping, you will receive an instant SMS or email from your boat to your car, jet ski or motorcycle. Therefore, do not let your most valuable possessions disappear without a trace.

With 100% satellite technology, SPOT Trace can communicate from some remote locations around the world.

Whenever SPOT Trace detects a movement, you will be automatically notified of the GPS coordinates via SMS or email.

Choose a tracking period of 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes. Switch to Extreme Chase for 2.5 minutes of chase.

 Who should be checked on site?

Regarding the SPOT Trace, anyone can use it. Whether you own a car, motorbike, boat, plane, bike or car, this indispensable device can ensure that you always have your most valuable asset and alerts you anytime and anywhere by email or SMS train when detected. SPOT Trace is inexpensive and easy to use, handy for cars, boats, motorcycles, toys and other valuables. SpotTrace is small, durable, and always expandable to help you.

Globalstar Spot Trace Satellite Tracking Device
Globalstar Spot Trace Satellite Tracking Device

  •     View asset tracking online in near real time
  •     Movement alert - When the SPOT vibration sensor detects new movement in your assets, you will receive a notification.
  •     Docking Mode: Configure Spot Tracking to primarily track assets stored on water.
  •     Low Battery Power and Shutdown Notifications - You will be notified when the battery of the SPOT histogram is low or the power is off.
  •     Status Alerts: Receive daily notifications to keep you informed about the integrity of the assets.

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