Hoabbr Full HD DVR Dash Cam Car Camera
Hoabbr Full HD DVR Dash Cam Car Camera

Hoabbr Dash Cam, Full HD 1080P DVR tachograph, 360 degree night vision car camera, 3.2 inch IPS screen recorder, front tachograph, G sensor, loop recording, easy to install, parking monitor, wide angle, WDR

1. Full HD 1080P: Full HD 1080P provides a clear view of the 3.2 inch HD screen, giving you the best viewing experience.
2120 ° Ultra Wide Angle: The 120 ° high resolution provides a wide-angle lens that allows you to cover the entire road including traffic.
3. Parking monitor: The dashboard camera will automatically record when parking and assist the parking screen.
Note: Due to the low capacity of the internal battery, it turns off automatically after 10 seconds without external power supply. When using this drive recorder, an external power source must always be connected.

  •  HD recording: the perfect combination of a professional lens and an advanced chip. Recording quality is up to 1080p and the car camera can record every detail clearly.
  • 120 ° wide angle shot: No distortions and visible recordings in 120 ° wide angle shots. The field of view is large and the dash cam gets a more complete record. The wide angle shots of 170 ° destroy image quality and lead to extreme distortion or distortion of the video.
  • Repeat recording: User can repeat recording within 1/3/5 minute, and the driving recorder can record main picture data without loss. When the TF card is full, the driving recorder will automatically delete and keep the previous video.
  • Parking monitor: to realize the unattended surveillance video, when the car is shaking or moving forward, the car camera will automatically record the traffic accident and lock the video, which can be used as an important guide for car insurance.
  • Convenient installation: The design of the suction cup allows the holder to be hung on different surfaces. The cushioned side can tie your device tightly and it is an ideal driving partner for recorders. The rotating ball head allows flexible camera positioning. Various connection kits can be connected to 360 ° rotatable screw heads for most car cameras, GPS and sports cameras. It is more stable and reliable.

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