Transcend TS-DP550B-64G DrivePro 550 Dash Camera
Transcend TS-DP550B-64G DrivePro 550 Dash Camera

The Transcend DrivePro 550 is a dual-lens camera that provides the ultimate in driver and passenger protection. The front lens is equipped with a STARVIS image sensor and has a wide field of view that is capable of capturing 1080p 60fps video, while the 180 degree rotatable rear lens is equipped with an Exmor sensor and four infrared LEDs that can scan the vehicle. Recording at night and in low light.

Dual lens, punching safe

Thanks to the dual lens, the DrivePro 550 provides the best protection for the driver and passengers. It comes with a Transcend microSD card which contains high quality NAND flash memory and was tested under strict environmental conditions.

See the darkness

The DrivePro 550 front lens is equipped with a STARVIS sensor that can capture bright, colorful and high-resolution images even in poor lighting conditions. The front lens supports Full HD 1080P recording at 60fps, providing smooth recording effects and clear still images.

Rear lens with infrared LED

The rear camera uses the Exmor sensor that records 1080P Full HD at 30 frames per second. It has four infrared LEDs that turn on automatically in poor light conditions. Even in a very dark environment, this greatly improves the recording quality in the cabin.

Working on the steering wheel is safer

The DrivePro 550 can also protect those who make a living behind the wheel. The DrivePro 550 is suitable for commercial rental, shared transportation and rental services that protect professional drivers and can ensure that drivers working in taxis, mail, trucks and buses follow standard operating procedures.

Wi-Fi connection

DrivePro 550 has Wi-Fi connectivity. Thanks to the DrivePro app, you can play and download podcasts in real time. This means video evidence can be easily accessed for accident reporting to law enforcement and insurance companies without removing the memory card from the device.

GPS / GLONASS receiver

DrivePro 550 has a built-in GPS / GLONASS receiver that can be used for geotagging videos and photos. The proprietary DrivePro toolkit allows users to display the track cut on the map display while the video is playing, making it easy to know when and where an event occurred.

Built in battery

In the event of a power failure, the built-in lithium polymer battery can temporarily supply power to the DrivePro dash camera to safely store recorded files and prevent important photos from being lost due to file corruption.

Value-added software

Transcend offers DrivePro Toolbox for free. It has a video rating function for models with built-in GPS / GLONASS receiver, smooth video playback, video editing, screenshots and map view, provides DrivePro users with a more comfortable experience!

Transcend's DrivePro app is specially designed for DrivePro camera models with Wi-Fi connectivity. It enables fast and easy streaming and downloading of files stored on mobile devices.

Transcend TS-DP550B-64G DrivePro 550 Dash Camera

  •     Dual purpose design
  •     The front lens is equipped with a STARVIS image sensor
  •     Four infrared LEDs are located on the rear lens to improve recording quality
  •     Built-in Wi-Fi for mobile live broadcasting
  •     Time-lapse videos keep your car safe

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