Hyrrt Key Finder Wireless RF Item Locator
Hyrrt Key Finder Wireless RF Item Locator

Hyrrt Key Finder, Wireless RF Element Locator, 1 Transmitter with 6 Receivers, RF Locator, Pet Wallet Tracker

You can often use a remote key finder to locate lost items. Connect the receiver to keys, remote controls, wallets, glasses, wooden sticks, umbrellas, etc. To use it, just press the colored buttons on the remote control and follow the beep that comes with the receiver.

  •     Positioning is quick and easy: no mobile phone or app required. With this object tracker you can easily find your stuff. Advanced radio frequency technology can penetrate walls, doors, cushions, furniture and find your items 30 meters away.
  •     Versatility: You can connect 6 color-coded receivers to keys, wallets, remote controls, glasses, phones, dog collars or other lost items easily with the power switch, then press the appropriate button for easy location.
  •     Very useful: Key finder makes it easy to connect the missing item to the receiver. Then press the button on the remote control to relieve the missing item. You can find valuable items instantly! Helps avoid problems in stressful life.
  •     Loud 80dB: Too loud to hear. Follow the sound! All you have to do is press the appropriate button on the remote control and then follow the prompt to find the item.
  •     GREAT GIFT: This 6-in-1 Key Finder Set is very easy to use for everyday use. Whether you use it yourself or send it to elderly relatives or forgotten friends, it makes a great gift.

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