iTranslate Text to Speech Pen Scanner
iTranslate Text to Speech Pen Scanner

iTranslate I use real-time voice translation, audio recording, playback, dictionary and offline reading to convert text into voice pen scanner suitable for young learners, students and travelers

Use a real-time text-to-speech scanner to better prepare yourself for reading, translating and understanding text. The stylus can instantly read the content and translate the language.

Whether you are a passionate traveler traveling to a foreign country, a student looking at documents for study or needing more help recognizing text, numbers or symbols, there is no such thing as iTranslate text-to-text. This innovative digital scanner can read text books, translate foreign languages ​​and even help you overcome language barriers with a simple and efficient language translation process that supports 112 languages.

Increase understanding and self-confidence

Using iTranslate pen to convert text to speech can help you feel more confident while studying, working or even traveling. It can help you improve your understanding of unfamiliar work environments, improve your reading and academic skills, and provide vital support with any reading or reading difficulties.

iTranslate Text to Speech Pen Scanner
iTranslate Text to Speech Pen Scanner

  •  Smart Text-to-Speech Scanner - This innovative text converter pen allows you to quickly scan text from books, papers or newspapers and translate them aloud for quick understanding to better understand current content or characters
  • Real Time Voice Translator - Designed to support up to 112 languages, this text-to-speech system is ideal for the avid traveler or professional who wants to communicate better with friends, colleagues, and clients.
  • Offline Scan & Translate - iTranslate Pen Reader is a high-speed portable text reader that allows you to scan or translate text with full voice without WiFi. The scan results can be downloaded to an MP3 device for later listening.
  • Responsive built-in dictionary - Use our pen reading dictionary to instantly learn and memorize words or get accurate definitions instantly. This can help improve understanding and understanding of the context. This is vital if you suffer from reading or dyslexia.
  • Portable & Rechargeable Design - This text-to-speech scanner has 16GB built-in memory, USB charging cable and headphones so you can take it with you while you work, travel, go to school, study and travel.

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