MOCOIMOP Professional Camera Video Recording Scanner
MOCOIMOP Professional Camera Video Recording Scanner

MOCOIMOP WUMINSI2021 Document Book Scanner, Professional Video Scanner with 4GB Flash Drive, Very Convenient for Document Binding, Suitable for Teachers / Offices / Business Laptops / Distance Learning / Online Teaching

For work and distance learning
User can share the screen instantly. You can annotate, highlight, scroll, or touch the screen to display the displayed items.
It is used widely by individuals, students, and professionals for online courses and conferences. Screen sharing solutions are a way to stay in touch.
It can support manual tools such as stills and video recording.
【product specification】:
- Product appearance: plastic foldable wrap.
- Scan type: physical objects, test paper, documents, books, journals, certificates, business cards.
Photo Size: A4.
Scanning speed: approx. 1 second.
Optical Resolution: 8 million
- Image color: 24 bit.
- Image Format: JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIF, PDF, etc.
Interface: USB2.0.
Sensitive component: CMOS
- Voltage: 4.75V - 5.25V.
Picture Control: Brightness Adjustment, Color Selection, and Auto Exposure Adjustment.
Image processing: providing square selection, rotation, cropping, image resizing, grayscale image, binary image, brightness adjustment, exposure length for color adjustment, sharpness adjustment, color adjustment, gain control, and other general functions. Usage: Family, Teacher, Lawyer, Administrative Department, Finance,

MOCOIMOP Professional Camera Video Recording Scanner
MOCOIMOP Professional Camera Video Recording Scanner

  •  [Text recognition OCR for USB document camera using OCR text recognition technology can efficiently and accurately recognize multiple languages ​​and convert them into editable documents such as WORD / EXCEL with just one key.
  • [Portable document camera sharing connections, including real-time recording, support for live broadcast and real-time recording, it can output four formats of AVI / MP4 / FLV / WMV, which can be used for music, e-book notation, teaching or conference and controller Remote suitable in different occasions, training, etc.
  • [Document Camera Scanner] Full automatic scanning - With automatic continuous recording time function, all you have to do is manually scroll, sync (customizable) and scan continuously to take pictures and improve function efficiency.
  • [Portable Document Camera] Compared with conventional light strip design, CMOS-6LED sensor auto-illuminator auxiliary design provides longer range and better additional light effect, wide coverage and extra illumination. Smart light
  • [Class Document Camera] Multi-core AI flash memory chip. Powerful instant chip processing function, intelligent image processing / high-speed feedback function. Being a well-designed scanner, the scanner is easy to install and use for the users.

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