Logistimatics Hardwired 4G LTE Tracker for Vehicles
Logistimatics Hardwired 4G LTE Tracker for Vehicles

Logisticimatics wired 4G LTE tracker for vehicles, trucks, motorcycles and devices with 30-second report and battery backup

Reliable 4G tracker

With the Wired-421, vehicles and devices can be tracked precisely. It is a reliable and economical solution for tracking vehicles and assets. Use our cloud-based app to easily track employees, vehicles, or assets. Wired-421 can be tracked through web browser or any iOS or Android device. When the tracker leaves a specific geographic area (geographic range), you will receive real-time notifications.

Trackers everywhere

All GPS trackers return their location information over the cellular network. The Wired-421 is unique in that it runs on Verizon and the Internet. This means the tracker would work fine if either (or both) of these companies have cellular coverage in your area. Most areas of the United States and many international destinations have this coverage, so the tracker can be used almost anywhere.

Logistimatics Hardwired 4G LTE Tracker for Vehicles
Logistimatics Hardwired 4G LTE Tracker for Vehicles

  •     The reliable Tracker-Wired 421 is ideal for tracking cars, trucks, equipment, etc., as it updates every 30 seconds and provides reliable tracking regardless of the movement of the asset. This compact tracker is ideal for vehicles that require consistent and reliable tracking.
  •     2 wire installation + engine runtime - the tracker is driven by the car, so you need to connect the red and black wires from the tracker to the car first. If the vehicle battery is removed, the tracker will continue to report that there is a spare battery in the tracker. The tracker can also report the availability of motors in the app to simplify maintenance.
  •     Affordable Tracking Subscription - We provide real-time GPS tracking service at the lowest price. If you buy a year of service, it's only $ 9.95 a month, and if you pay monthly, it's only $ 24.95 a month. Get location updates every 30 seconds at no additional cost. You can cancel the service at any time.
  •     Great tracking experience by using iOS or Android phones or any web browser to view and manage your tracker. You can find out the exact location, battery life, and better designed tracking apps that provide insights and ease of use. Use the 4G LTE fast tracking feature to get all the alerts and data you need.
  •     Everything you need to start tracking - The 421 Real Time Wireless GPS Tracker has everything you need to get started, including a tracker, cables for connection to the car, a SIM card, and a user guide. do you need help? Contact US Customer Service 7 days a week, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with email support anytime.

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