ShieldGPS AT2 Portable 4G GPS Tracker
ShieldGPS AT2 Portable 4G GPS Tracker

The ultimate battery powered GPS tracking solution. The AT2 is equipped with long battery life (in Smart Power Saving Mode, it can be used for 2-3 weeks per charge), 4G intelligent cloud connectivity and unlimited fast tracking. Unlike other trackers on the market, ShieldGPS does not limit the frequency of location updates or data that the device uses. Don't worry, you will get the latest real-time location updates directly from the tracker without any delays or restrictions.

Very good individual or commercial use of this professional tracker to monitor people or relatives, vehicles and devices. It's about half the size of a regular cell phone and so small that it can be wrapped and hidden in clothing and attached to vehicles and bikes.

AT2 is made of wear-resistant materials, it can be used outdoors in weather conditions and is waterproof (protection class IP67).

Your subscription includes full access to our tracking system and web applications. You can track the real-time location of your device (often updated every 10 seconds) on your mobile phone or computer anywhere in the United States, Canada or Canada. You can also access the device's location history (dating back a few months) and set alerts to notify you when the tracker enters or leaves the location (geographic information) and when it needs to be charged (low battery alarm). .

ShieldGPS AT2 Portable 4G GPS Tracker
ShieldGPS AT2 Portable 4G GPS Tracker

  •     ✅ Real-time GPS tracking: Use online dashboards and apps (for desktop computers, mobile phones) to get the real-time location of the tracking. With 2G coverage ending in the US and Canada, it is time to switch to this premium 4G tracker
  •     ✅ AMAZING FEATURES: The location is updated every 10 seconds, a dedicated geofence is created and an alarm notification is made when the device enters or leaves the area, tampering is detected. Use location and operation logs to know the location of your device during the day, speed setting, and remote alarm, using the SOS button to remind someone of an emergency situation
  •     ✅ Lightweight: One of the smallest and lightest battery-powered trackers. Very suitable for tracking, monitoring and protecting drivers from theft
  •     Required subscription required. The minimum annual purchase price is only $ 9.99, which allows for unlimited real-time GPS tracking. It comes with a SIM card, data, and tracking app. You can change or cancel the plan at any time

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