Ooma Provisioned Yealink T27G Phone
Ooma Provisioned Yealink T27G Phone

The Yealink T27G 6-Line IP Phone is the ideal phone for anyone making a large number of calls. The T27G has eight programmable dual tone buttons that give you one-touch access to advanced calling features such as New Line, Speed ​​Dial and Call End.

Ooma Office Business Phone System

Ooma Office Phone Service and Yealink T27G Phone are just one facility that you can use to grow your small business.

Yealink T27G delivers excellent sound quality from its handset and amplifier. It has a Gigabit Ethernet port with two ports that support Power over Ethernet (PoE), a 240 x 120p graphic LCD with backlit, two-tone LEDs (red or green) to display line status information, 8 programmable physical buttons plus up to 21 programmable "relay" buttons, 6 navigation buttons, 4 contextual "soft buttons" and an optional headphone RJ-9 connector. Supports up to 12 simultaneous calls.

 Do you already have a work phone number? no problem.

After receiving the call, you enter a simple setup wizard where you can keep your current number or get a new one for free.
Why bother

Are your customers hearing the busy tone? Do you answer all calls? How many sales can you lose? Ooma Office is more than just a phone. This technology has functions like virtual reception, pre-set message delivery, call forwarding, navigation, etc., with which the communication with customers can be achieved automatically.

Ooma Provisioned Yealink T27G Phone
Ooma Provisioned Yealink T27G Phone

  • The phone and speaker provide excellent sound quality
  •     Up to 12 calls can be made simultaneously on six lines
  •     2 port Gigabit Ethernet port, supports Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  •     3.66 inch 240 x 120 pixels 8-line graphic LCD with backlit
  •     Dual-color LED (red or green) for displaying line status information
  •     8 programmable physical keys and up to 21 programmable keys with relay function
  •     6 navigation keys and 4 "programmable" contextual keys
  •     It comes with two adjustable tapered brackets and an optional RJ-9 headphone jack
  •     Ethernet cable and power supply included

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