What is YouTube Channel Membership? How is this different from regular subscriptions?
What is YouTube Channel Membership? How is this different from regular subscriptions?

YouTube is the number one destination for many people to watch different videos because people watch over a billion hours of videos every day and more than 500 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute, even though there are many channels on YouTube. The site allows this. The content is offered for free, but some content is only available to members who subscribe to these channels on a monthly basis. This is known as (chain membership).

But what is YouTube channel membership? How is this different from regular subscriptions?

First: What is YouTube subscription?

Google made this feature available for the first time to YouTube creators in 2018. Channel owners are allowed to charge a monthly fee for other perks they grant to subscribers. These channels should offer at least one of the following four benefits:

  •     A personal community message that only members can see.
  •     Provide videos that only members can view and comment on.
  •     Live broadcast members only.
  •     Members Only Live Chat: In live public broadcasts, members only can participate in chats.

YouTube also awards member badges for starring in comments and live chats. These badges show the amount of time spent on the channel, membership level, and channels. They can also create their own personal badges and emojis that members can use in comments and live chat. .

How much does it cost to subscribe to the channel?

There are many different price points for chain members. Prices vary from country to country, but usually the chain owner decides how many levels they want to offer. For example, in the United States, the monthly subscription price may vary. It ranges from $ 0.99 to $ 99.99.

In addition, the owner can also specify the subscription level that can access certain permissions in the channel, as he can set a price or split content for all reserved content for members, which requires another subscription that is more expensive to view some content since everything depends on the owner and varies according to The channel itself.

What is the difference between membership and subscription?

There is no relationship between subscribing to a YouTube channel and joining us. After joining the channel, you will receive exclusive content that regular subscribers cannot use. By subscribing, you can view the content available to all subscribers of that channel.

What channels can offer membership benefits?

YouTube channels subscription functionality is optional as any channel owner can offer their subscribers a subscription under the following conditions:

  •     The channel has more than 1000 subscribers.
  •     The channel must be included in the YouTube Partner Program.
  •     The channel owner must be at least 18 years old.
  •     The channel owner must live in a country / region where this feature can be used.
  •     The channel is not defined as a child.
  •     Channel must not contain a large number of ineligible videos.

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