Slack reproduces acoustic rooms from the Clubhouse
Slack reproduces acoustic rooms from the Clubhouse

Slack plans to add a number of voice features to all commercial chat app users, including cloning voice chat rooms from the Clubhouse app.

"We are experimenting with voicemail and are planning to provide video and audio rooms that do not require any initial arrangements or actual calls," said company CEO Stuart Butterfield (Stuart Butterfield).

Added: The voicemail feature is similar to the features available in experimental messaging apps like Telegram.

The Slack platform can create chatroom products, mainly used by companies, that allow users to talk to each other over the phone.

The increasing reproduction of the characteristics of novice competitors by technology companies indicates a lack of imagination or anti-competitive behavior.

In this case, that might make sense since Slack and Clubhouse operate in completely different markets (companies and consumers).

Slack also plans to keep up with Instagram, Twitter, and many other smaller apps as it implements its own version of the Stories feature.

This builds on previous news that Slack is planning to move from an internal messaging platform to business-to-business communication services.

Butterfield also said: Slack will soon have the familiar temporary video messaging feature, similar to the messaging format that Snapchat created and imitated frequently, from Instagram to LinkedIn.

Butterfield first noted that these features have been featured in Slack's roadmap since October.

As Slack worked hard to transform its in-house corporate communication tools into a larger inter-company messaging service, these new features were released.

The announcement appears to have surprised Salesforce COO (Brett Taylor). Bret Taylor is considering acquiring Slack in a deal currently under investigation by antitrust authorities.

Salesforce said in a regulatory document: It still hopes to close the deal before the end of July.

Taylor said on Twitter: `` Of course, to learn more about all the cool new features that Slack has to offer, invite Butterfield to talk about Clubhouse.

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