Tesla drops some drivers from independent driving tests
Tesla drops some drivers from independent driving tests

Elon Musk said, Tesla CEO Tesla has expanded its fully independent driving test program to nearly 2,000 car owners. However, due to adequate consideration of road conditions, some drives were canceled by the drivers.

Musk said in a tweet on the Twitter platform: FSD has expanded its independent driving pilot test program and we have also pulled some drivers from using the beta because the driver did not pay enough attention to the road. Faraway accident.

It is not known how many drivers are eligible to cancel the pilot program and a fully autonomous driving version was released in October of last year.

Tesla's use of the term fully autonomous has long been controversial and has been criticized by autonomous vehicle experts.

For most experts, fully autonomous driving means a vehicle in which people can safely sleep behind the wheel without the need for a meticulous human driver.

It was previously reported that the National Transportation Safety Board sent a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in February calling for stricter requirements for automated driving tests on public roads.

CNBC is the first report that reports on updates to safety requirements for public road tests that are required by federal authorities.

In that letter, Robert Sumwalt, president of the National Transportation Safety Board, said that Tesla had tested its vehicles on public roads but had limited supervision or reporting requirements.

Sam Walter added: Although Tesla has the contract stating that the features currently activated require active driver monitoring and the vehicle cannot be made autonomous, testing the National Highway Traffic Control method carries potential risks to drivers and other road users. .

Earlier this month, Musk posted a tweet saying it intends to double Tesla's beta test plan for version 8.2, bringing the number to nearly ten times the number of testing for version 8.3.

He later added that the next major release of the program would be next month, and Musk wrote in a tweet: Entering the real world of artificial intelligence does not require the use of radar.

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