Apple may soon release a standalone security update for iOS
Apple may soon release a standalone security update for iOS

The code detected in the latest beta version of iOS 14.5 indicates that Apple is planning an important policy change to allow users to download security updates independently of OS updates.

Among all the new features introduced in iOS 14.5 (fourth developer beta), there are also some hidden changes in the operating system's internal code.

9to5Mac found a benchmark that indicates Apple is developing a new way to provide standalone security updates to iOS.

Apple has never become flexible regarding iOS updates, and users cannot install the update. So if you don't install the latest iOS version available, you won't get a security update.

Although Apple is still updating iOS 12 to older iPhones and iPads, the devices currently supported by the company cannot use the latest security updates to run this OS.

The new part of the list of iOS software updates indicates that Apple provides independent security updates to iPhone and iPad users so that users can only install updates. Security or full iOS updates.

Although no further details have been provided about this change, macOS offers a similar update method.

If your Mac is running an older operating system like macOS Mojave, Apple will provide separate security updates so that users can receive security patches and bug fixes without the latest version of. Install macOS.

The new icon in iOS 14.5 also indicates that after downloading a specific update (such as a security update), you may need to remove it before you can install another available iOS update.

It's unclear how Apple intends to implement this feature in iOS. However, one way is to keep posting security updates on iOS 14 after the release of iOS 15 so that users don't update to the latest major release. . While receiving critical security patches.

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