Tesla launches a social platform and shuts down its forum
Tesla launches a social platform and shuts down its forum

Tesla launched a new social platform on its website that gives brand owners and fans the opportunity to take action on Tesla's behalf to promote the clean energy movement.

The new social platform called Tesla Engagement contains information about how Nebraska residents can help the company promote direct sales and services in the state.

It also includes information on the owner's upcoming events, as well as fundraising for disaster relief in Texas in the aftermath of a recent winter storm.

Read the first article on the new Social Platform: Tesla Engagement is a new platform for the Tesla Public Policy Team and the Tesla Owners Club.

Our goal is to create a digital foundation for all of our companies and make it easier for Tesla community members to realize our goal, take targeted measures, and stay in close contact.

Platform users can comment on other people's posts and comments and follow any account to track other users' comments.

Meanwhile, Tesla shut down the old forum section on its website.

While there are currently many forums related to Tesla, the company forum is one of the first places where interested owners and buyers meet and discuss the pros and cons of the company's products.

Additionally, the forum is unlimited which leads to constant spam and limitation issues.

A notification will appear at the start of the week, letting users know that the forum will be read-only starting March 15th.

The Tesla Engagement platform appears to be an attempt to capitalize on the strong enthusiasm of the company's supporters by focusing some of their own businesses.

The Silicon Valley Tesla Owners Club raised $ 10,000 to help the Del Valle, Texas neighborhood that surrounds the new company's facility, and Tesla's owners have long urged the government to develop green energy policies for adoption.

The new site will allow people to apply for membership in the Local Owners Club and keep track of upcoming events.

It also comes on the heels of Tesla's recent efforts to woo powerful backers, such as when the company began taking questions from retail shareholders about its earnings.

There is also a feedback system as an interactive platform. Several users used the comment system to share suggestions for improvement.

Some people want to make better direct contact with the company's customer service that is often criticized, but one of the more popular suggestions is to keep the old forums, or at least replace them with similar forums hosted on the new site.

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