Apple introduces the features of iOS 14.5 when choosing its Music app
Apple introduces the features of iOS 14.5 when choosing its Music app

Apple has clarified that the iOS 14.5 beta will not allow users to select the new music service by default, as reported.

After the beta release of iOS 14.5 in February, several beta testers found that Siri is now asking which music service to use when prompted to play music.

However, Apple does not consider this feature the equivalent of setting defaults, which are options for restarting email and browser applications.

Instead, the functionality relies on Siri's intelligence. As Siri learns to better understand your listening habits, it can improve and change over time.

For example, when you ask Siri to play a song, album, or artist, you might be asked which service you want to use to listen to that content.

However, Apple has indicated that your response to Siri will not make that particular service apparent.

Siri might ask you again at some point, and if the user thinks their preferences have been set, the request might confuse the user.

Apple also indicated that there are no specific settings in iOS 14.5. Users can set the default music service, such as messaging and browser apps.

Although many previous reports have noticed this difference, they still call this feature the default, which is technically incorrect.

Overall, you want Siri to know which monitoring apps are being used for different types of audio, not just music.

When Siri asks which service to use for this type of voice request, it will show you a list of installed audio apps for you to choose from.

App developers can use APIs to give Siri access to more information about what users hear. This allows Siri to respond more accurately to user requests and all processing takes place on the device.

The language selection feature does not prevent users from requesting specific services by name, although this is not their usual preference.

While this seems like a simple explanation, it is especially important because Apple is under increasing government scrutiny over how the Apple App Store and its app ecosystem operate.

The language selection feature first appeared in the first beta of iOS 14.5, but was canceled in the second beta.

The third beta is back and has got people's attention again - and Apple's answer.

While you can't technically set any default settings, the features Siri supports seem to be a feature for users with established listening habits.

Plus, iPhone gets smarter when it comes to playing the content you want to listen to. If you don't want to do that, then you absolutely don't have to force yourself to use Apple apps.

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