Tesla should direct Musk to delete tweet in 2018
Tesla should direct Musk to delete tweet in 2018

As per the NLRB decision, Tesla CEO (Elon Musk) should instruct Elon Musk to delete the 2018 anti-union tweets.

The National Labor Relations Commission also ruled that Tesla violated labor laws by firing union activists.

The order is part of Tesla's appeal against the 2019 Administrative Judge's decision during a year-long legal battle between the company and the United Auto Workers Union.

The CEO wrote on Twitter in 2018: Nothing can stop the Tesla team at our auto plant from voting if they want to vote tomorrow, but why pay the union fee and give up stock options.

Tesla is also expected to post notices of illegal tweets at its factories across the country and hold meetings at Fremont's main auto plant to educate workers about their intellectual property rights.

During a meeting, a Musk or Musk board member must read this announcement to workers, security guards, managers, and supervisors.

Among other things, the federal agency has mandated Tesla to provide jobs to theater employee Richard Ortiz (Richard Ortiz) and Tesla must compensate for the profits, benefits and negative tax consequences of the layoff.

This employee is part of a campaign for a "Tesla Equitable Future" (Tesla future only). Tesla said during the campaign that her company should remain disorganized.

But Musk's public comments on his Twitter account were seen as a threat, and Musk commented publicly on his Twitter account. Tesla believes that Musk's tweets were official contacts for the company, as his financial reports show.

Tesla is also expected to review its employee confidentiality agreement as the company has already informed employees that it cannot speak to the media without express written permission.

However, the National Committee on Industrial Relations indicated that a national labor law can protect workers when they inform the media of working conditions, labor disputes, or other working conditions.

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