Google announces Android Ready SE Alliance
Google announces Android Ready SE Alliance

Google announced the launch of the Android Ready SE Alliance to promote the adoption of digital keys and IDs for wearable devices.

The coalition aims to confirm that the new mobile phone contains the essential equipment that will eventually replace car keys, homes and wallets.

As of 2018, all Google Pixel phones have a Titan M chip, which is separate from a phone processor called Secure SE.

The function of this chip is similar to: saving the encryption key and verifying the operating system.

Google now sees the Titan M and other similar security features as the key to bringing features like digital passports and ID cards to Android phones.

To this end, he founded the Android Ready SE Alliance, made up of secure SE service providers and device manufacturers, to accelerate the adoption of these functions in Android.

Alliance members work together to create a suite of ready-to-use open source applications for the Secure Element SE chip.

The team started the first small program using StrongBox (Encryption Key Storage Tool).

The company said, "We believe Secure SE is the best way to bring these new consumer use cases to Android."

In the near future, the alliance will focus on use cases such as digital car keys and mobile driver's licenses.

Cell phones and tablets are an obvious place to start, but they're only the beginning. As Google indicated, StrongBox can also be used on WearOS, Android Auto and Android TV devices.

At the same time, the company said: Many Android manufacturers are using Android Ready SE for their devices.

According to Google, StrongBox and tamper evident devices are becoming major requirements for new user functions including: digital keys for cars, homes and offices, mDL drivers for mobile devices, national identity, e-passports and eMoney solutions.

All of these functions must be supported by tamper-resistant hardware to protect the integrity of application executables, user data, keys, wallets, etc.

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