The HomePod mini has a temperature sensor
The HomePod mini has a temperature sensor

According to the latest report from Bloomberg, Apple's HomePod Mini smart speaker has a hidden, undiscovered temperature and humidity sensor on the bottom edge of the plastic casing near the power cord.

The sensor provides a way to operate future functions that may accompany future software updates.

IFixit has confirmed the exact location of the sensor and appears to be far from the internal components of the amplifier so it can measure the outside temperature.

Texas Instruments (TI) HDC2010 HDC2010 digital humidity and temperature sensor 1.5 x 1.5 mm is used as the precision sensor.

Although HomePod mini owners cannot currently use the sensor, Apple is in internal discussions so that the sensor can provide information to other smart home devices such as thermostats or fans.

If the room appears to have reached a certain temperature, it can provide smart heaters with more information about the room temperature or allow the amplifier to operate devices such as fans.

This feature can be used through HomeKit, Apple's smart home system, which is currently integrated into dozens of internet-connected thermostats.

Amazon has previously integrated a temperature sensor into its Echo speakers, such as the 2020 model, which can be used to power other devices via Alexa voice assistant actions.

Google, meanwhile, sells standalone sensors through its Nest sub-brand. Nest Hub announced last week that it also includes a similar built-in sensor that you can use to monitor your bedroom's temperature while you sleep.

Although Apple declined to comment on the Bloomberg report, it added a device to the device at least once, and the device was officially launched a few months later.

The 2008 iPod touch included a Bluetooth chip, but it wasn't until a year after its release that it was able to connect to Bluetooth devices.

The hope remains that a software update for the next HomePod mini will trigger the sensor, and Apple typically releases a new major firmware for HomePod each fall.

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