Twitter tests new e-commerce functionality for tweets
Twitter tests new e-commerce functionality for tweets

Twitter confirmed that it is testing a new way to display Tweets that link to e-commerce product pages, such as Products on the Shopify store.

The company uses the new Twitter card format and attempts to use tweets with the "Shop" button and integrates product details, including product name, store name, and product price, into the same tweet directly.

Matt Navarra discovered the experience and posted a tweet with screenshots of the new experience.

Although these tweets are no less effective than ads, Twitter has confirmed that the tweets represent a new version of organic tweets for e-commerce.

It's likely that this format is part of a major Twitter event set to become a platform for creators. The recently announced plan is to subscribe to Super Follow.

With the new product, Twitter users can use certain accounts to obtain subscriber rights, such as: b. Newsletters, exclusive content, sponsor cards, and other offers and discounts.

More marketable Tweet formatting can enable these developers to direct fans to products and merchandise.

Twitter also briefly indicated its intention to invest in e-commerce in the future on "Investor Day" last week, but did not disclose any details.

She said: We are starting to look for ways to better support e-commerce through Twitter, and we know that people are coming to Twitter to interact with brands and discuss their favorite products, and some companies are developing innovative ways to sell through the platform.

Over the years, with the closure of Vine and Periscope, Twitter may have weakened its ambitions in the video business, but if that happens, it will not be without tools to make shopping on its platform more attractive.

It also has built-in tools to post photos, videos, and even video content in real time, as well as Twitter cards with price and buy buttons, and tweets can increase sales.

In other words, the Twitter card that takes you to the product page might only be the beginning.

Twitter said they have developed several social business plans. This is the first of many commercial trials. The more we learn, the more enriching we will be.

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