Unlimited Google Meet calls will run through June
Unlimited Google Meet calls will run through June

Google announced in a tweet that there will be no 60-minute call limit for free Google Meet users at the end of March. The date is June 30th.

Previously, anyone using the free version could call for up to 24 hours, which is what Google calls unlimited calls.

It should be noted that since the service first opened to free users in April of last year, Google has retroactively introduced the issue of call restriction for the second time.

The 60-minute limit will come into effect at the end of September, but the deadline has been extended until March as many people clearly cannot celebrate the party in person.

Google has not specifically mentioned the reason for the extension this time, but the ongoing restrictions of the outbreak around the world may be related to it.

Since the start of the Corona pandemic, keeping in mind the video conferencing needs of enterprises, Google has rapidly promoted the use of Google Meet and made Google Meet available for free for personal Gmail accounts.

Google said in March: By then, Hangouts advanced features will be available to all G Suite customers for free, rather than limiting certain features to a higher level (paid).

This includes meetings with 250 people, internal live broadcasting and call log recording on cloud drive.

If Google Meet is free for regular users and integrates with Gmail after a month, Google said: Before September 30th, call time will not exceed 60 minutes and deadline will be extended to March 31, 2021.

Google will continue to make the platform available to all users for free until June 30th. After this change, the way consumers make video calls will not be disabled by Google products.

With many people still facing obstacles and difficulty communicating, the new deadline will help friends and family stay in touch during the pandemic.

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