WebView disables the Android apps
WebView disables the Android apps

A system component called Android System WebView is currently causing Android apps to crash for some users, but Google is working hard to fix the problem.

In addition, many Android users suddenly encounter notifications on devices where apps have stopped working.

It also cannot open many apps that suddenly failed, including important apps like Gmail, many banking apps, Google Pay, etc.

There have been reports of the issue in DownDetector, Reddit, and Twitter, and the Google Workspace Cloud dashboard confirms there is an issue with the Gmail app on Android.

When facing this issue, the effective way for many people is to visit the Google Play Store through your device and then uninstall the latest system app update called Android System WebView.

The app offers a browser similar to the Chrome browser in the app. According to reviews of developers and users, there are several bugs that indicate this problem.

Google has confirmed that there is an issue with the WebView that allows Android apps to display web content and is working on this issue. The company recommends using the desktop interface until the issue is resolved.

A company spokesperson said: We are aware of a WebView issue that can cause some apps to crash on Android, and we are currently reviewing the full range and in the process of fixing it.

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