Why has Apple changed the way the serial number is displayed on its products?
Why has Apple changed the way the serial number is displayed on its products?

Typically, every Apple product has a unique serial number, which is a series of numbers and letters arranged in a specific way so that users and service providers know when and where the product was manufactured. Product because you often need the number, check the warranty status of the product, schedule repairs, or ask for insurance if the product is stolen or damaged.

If the device is associated with your Apple ID (Apple ID), or you originally purchased it from Apple, you can usually find the serial number of each device. Even if you don't need the device, you can move it forward. Take the first step. This is especially useful if you need to find the serial number if you lose your device.

Given the importance of device serial numbers, the order in which they are displayed appears to have been criticized by users of these devices because they are easy to guess or read closely. To this end, Apple has begun to change the way serial numbers are displayed so that future products will be displayed randomly and all devices currently shipped from the factory will continue to use the current serial number format.

According to an email that Apple sent to the Apple Care Support team at MacRumors, Apple is changing the current format of the serial number and displaying it completely randomly in products shipped this year in 2021, and the number will be random through the artificial intelligence resulting from this change being applied On the new product.

The new serial number format appears as a random alphanumeric string of 8-14 letters and numbers, and the company assures that the IMEI number (used to remotely locate or lock a device in case it is lost or stolen) will be kept unchanged. Why is Apple doing this?

The only reason why Apple took this action is to protect the privacy of the device owner, as the current display of the device's serial number contains a lot of information, such as: Example: the date and place of manufacture of the device. The first three letters symbolize the place of manufacture and the other two for the year and week of production.

Why has Apple changed the serial number format on its products?

By deciphering a device's serial number, hackers can learn important details such as warranty status or date of manufacture, and reveal information and configuration such as device model, color, storage capacity, and social engineering methods. Embed for creating information. Help hackers to hack into users' Apple ID accounts.

Hence, it can be said that this is an important way for Apple to protect the privacy of users of its devices, as this step can help avoid unjustified complaints from people who know how to interpret these serial numbers and how to access data that has been hacked. . These devices.

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