WifiNanScan .. A Google application for measuring the distance between cell phones
WifiNanScan .. A Google application for measuring the distance between cell phones

Google has used native discovery technology in the past to create multiple versions of Android. These applications can be used to find nearby objects and users. However, Google's latest contribution is the release of the WifiNanScan app, which allows developers to try Wi-Fi Aware.

Wi-Fi Aware takes full advantage of the automatic user proximity feature to realize innovative applications, and Wi-Fi Aware continues to find other devices on the user's wireless network before connecting. This makes it easy to find the right settings near the information and services. From the user.

WifiNanScan uses the Wi-Fi Aware (also known as NAN) protocol to measure the distance between two smartphones. It is intended to be a research, specification and testing tool for developers, vendors, universities, etc.

This application can be used to take distance measurements with an accuracy of about one meter using phones 15 meters away.

Developers, device manufacturers, and researchers can use this tool to verify distance or distance measurements for scale development, peer-to-peer data transfer, and context-sensitive applications that Wi-Fi supports.

With Wi-Fi Aware, Android devices can discover and connect directly without any other type of connection between them, such as network connection. B- An active internet connection.

The API detects neighboring devices and establishes a network connection that can share large amounts of data or send short messages.

Google said: This technology could support higher transmission rates over long-range Bluetooth connections. The potential use cases promoted by the Wi-Fi Alliance are:

  •     Send documents to the printer securely without connecting to a network first.
  •     Browse restaurant menus and make reservations on foot without an internet connection, even when the restaurant is closed.
  •     School automation and communication.
  •     Simplify airport security by using a mobile phone identifier (such as a driver's license or passport) without passengers having to show their actual identity
  •     Connect with people around you to play your favorite games on mobile devices.
  •     Allow your close friends to hear the song playing on your device at the same time.
  •     Offer a better educational experience for students who visit museums, art galleries and excursions.
  •     Enable self-driving cars to instantly recognize other devices and exchange information automatically.

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