YouTube releases YouTube short films in the United States
YouTube releases YouTube short films in the United States

Since the feature was announced last year, YouTube has been offering YouTube shorts features to US consumers in beta.

YouTube Short Videos are vertical videos with a maximum length of 60 seconds. In addition to watching your channel, viewers can also find your short videos on the feature's homepage and enjoy the short vertical view of the video.

Chief Product Officer (Neil Mohan) said the company plans to release its beta version for the first time in the US in March.

This feature was originally rolled out in India. TikTok banned this feature a few months ago (first announced in September 2020) and it was a huge hit. The YouTube Short video player gets 3.5 billion views per day.

Not surprisingly, Google is increasing its ads in other markets as well. The number of monthly active users of Tik Tok is expected to exceed one billion by 2021.

Additionally, a large portion of TikTok's user base is located in the US, and Google hopes to attract them with this feature.

While the beta version of YouTube Short was originally scheduled to be launched in the US in March, it is clear that we can get it soon as it is currently available.

Although exclusive features in the region are not strange to Google, launching them early may mean that the possibility of universal advertising is near, so we may have to wait a longer period.

Google hasn't provided a timeline for when the feature will be available to everyone as it is clear that the beta will only be released for a small number of people but it will likely be released soon.

The TikTok platform has revolutionized social media and has been able to promote the concept of short videos. This concept became known all over the world through the use of their Android platform, which has more than 1 billion installations.

Although companies like Facebook offer their own alternatives like Instagram Reels, despite the tension with other companies, TikTok can maintain its position and even impose a ban in countries like India, trying to block the United States etc. Country. Case

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