500 million LinkedIn user data is for sale
500 million LinkedIn user data is for sale

Microsoft-owned social media and business platforms have confirmed another incident involving data collection from public personal accounts that have published and sold personal information to more than 500 million users on LinkedIn online.

Last weekend, the LinkedIn incident occurred after a massive loss of personal data among more than 533 million Facebook users.

This information, including account identifiers, email addresses and other personal data, is collected on social media platforms.

Hackers posted an archive on a popular hacking forum that they claimed contained data, including LinkedIn ID, full name, job title, email address, phone number, and other personal information.

The history also includes links to LinkedIn and other social media accounts.

In addition, hackers have leaked another 2 million sample records to validate the information and provide data trailers.

Forum users can view forum credits for around $ 2.

Since the leaked data does not contain any payment card details or passwords, it is of little value to the attacker and has little sales value on the dark web.

However, it does contain valuable personal information (workplace information, emails, and links to social media accounts), which is why it is not posted for free.

LinkedIn employees confirmed that data from the platform was included in the database and stated that this was not due to a breach of the platform, but rather because of the data stored on the LinkedIn website. LinkedIn was collected.

The Microsoft-owned platform states: We examined a number of LinkedIn data that was allegedly released for sale and concluded that it is a compilation of data from several websites, including publicly available member accounts, that appears to come from LinkedIn data. .

She added: This is not a LinkedIn data breach, nor is a private LinkedIn member account information for us to investigate.

The Social Professional platform also responded to comments from Facebook that any behavior collecting and misusing platform membership data is a violation of our terms of use.

The platform said that if someone tries to obtain and use member data for purposes that are not approved by LinkedIn and its members, we will stop them and hold them accountable.

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