Latest news of various technology


Latest news of various technology

Robot developer Sophia announces a robot to care for Corona patients

The impact of electric vehicles on the European car market

12 years in prison for unlocking smartphones

Snapchat wants to teach you the basics of sign language

Shared transportation suffers from scammers

US agencies are divided over Honor

iOS 15 provides clinicians with a window to view data from health app

Bitcoin drops on fear of China debt crisis

Why can't you choose your phone specifications the way you want?

Meet DTube a decentralized platform that can rival YouTube

Access your account if you lose the two-factor authentication app

Rolls-Royce electric plane makes its maiden flight

The locomotive takes off on the world's first self-driving cruise

Logitech makes meetings easy

iPhone users sell more devices than Android users

IKEA adds built-in wireless charging to almost every table

Tesla's use of the term FSD is misleading and irresponsible

The role of artificial intelligence and video in banking services

Advantages and risks of artificial intelligence voice mimicry

ByteDance adds time limit via its China app

Strong initial sales of iPhone 13 in China

Fully autonomous driving gives you a false sense of security

Starlink will finish testing in October

Tesla is improving its reputation in China

SpaceX's Inspiration 4 crew returns to Earth

Apple and Google under pressure from the Russian government

Identify critical vulnerabilities in messaging apps

Everything you need to know about the iPhone 13 camera

Hyundai turns instant robot into factory security inspectors

America targets ransom payments in cryptocurrency

Snapchat gets exclusive social game from Zynga

Use a smart watch to measure blood pressure

What happens to the App Store after the new law is implemented

The importance of high refresh rates on iPhone 13 and other devices

5 reasons to use the Wikipedia app instead of the website

Wikipedia bans publishers affiliated with Chinese groups

5 things to know before switching to iPhone

IKEA brings a wide range of products to the market for gamers

GoPro launches Hero 10 Black action camera

Google broadcasts the Internet wirelessly at the speed of fiber optics

AI diagnoses dementia with just one brain scan

SpaceX sends its manned mission into space

Predictions for upcoming Apple computers

Razer makes a thimble to unlock the potential of fingers

Investigating Tesla's Autopilot Problem Is Growing

Zoom adds a real-time transcription service

Zoom introduces new security features

The medical community needs more emojis

SpaceX launches into space tourism this week

A Korean fine against Google amounting to 177 million dollars

Canon EOS R3 focuses by following your eyes

Stable Cryptocurrencies Can Face Difficult Actions

Litecoin Price Rise After Fake Press Release

Mozilla makes it easy to switch to Firefox on Windows

Instagram searches are getting smarter

Everything you need to know about the Facebook Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses

Logitech Bolt USB dongle improve devices security

Electric bikes may revolutionize design

The potential impact of providing third-party payment methods through the App Store

Apple and Epic Games lose their case

How El Salvador Solved Its Problems With Bitcoin

Mission R: The future of electric Porsche GT cars

TCL will not release a foldable smartphone this year

Texas regulates how platforms modify content

iPhone camera performance is affected by motorcycle shake

Android users are not interested in upgrading to iPhone 13

Why doesn't Google care about tablets?

Xbox requires a dedicated media mode

The most important information about 3D printing

Mercedes presents the electric Maybach model

NASA will not build the next International Space Station

The use of artificial intelligence in daily life

Xpeng wants to make a unicorn robot for kids

LaLiga and Sorare collaborate to create the world of NFT. to enter

Ukraine legalizes bitcoin

Rayz Rally Pro: A device built specifically for Google Meet

DJI Smartphone Stabilizer Selfie Stick

The future of metaverse marketing

Logitech has developed a new platform for the world of work from home

Toyota invests $13.6 billion in car batteries

Apple's auto ambitions have suffered setbacks

Bitcoin combines the characteristics of technology and money

Tesla plans to release a larger version of the FSD software

The Metaverse can be a mess

Tech giants are trying to develop special chips

El Salvador is the first country to adopt Bitcoin as its official currency

Hyundai is betting big on hydrogen

Google Pixel 3 will stop working without warning

BMW thinks of sustainable cars

Volkswagen has a small electric car suitable for the city

Renault launches the electric car Mégane E-Tech

California may force Amazon to improve working conditions

Singapore uses robots to conduct patrols

ProtonMail is under orders from the Swiss authorities

Volkswagen is bringing the iconic minibuses back to life

Mercedes unveils its electric car EQE

Mercedes has an electric concept version of the G-Wagen

Mercedes launches the first electric car AMG

Dyson designs a robotic vacuum cleaner that climbs stairs

The next Metroid game needs independent inspiration

Bosch presents FreshUp to remove unpleasant smells from clothes

Nissan wants to use electric car engines

Segway brings the most intelligent robotic lawn mower to the market

Germany wants mobile security updates to last for 7 years

Chip shortage disrupts General Motors factories

ROBLOX brings voice chatting to its platform

Grandsphere .. luxury salon on Audi wheels

Fuji announces new GFX 50S II camera

Yahoo looks to a new future after the acquisition

Tesla delays the new Roadster until 2023

Everything you need to know about PlayStation 5

Tesla's new investigation into self-driving

Humanoid robots from Boston Dynamics

YouTube competes with Twitch for content creators

NASA and Joby Aviation are working together to test electric flying taxis

Advertising agreements between Google and Facebook reappear

DJI OM 5 can be equipped with a telescopic boom

Bose launches QuietComfort 45 headphones

South Korea forces Apple and Google to open App Store payments

Everything you need to know about the Xbox Series X platform

Comparison of Game Streaming Platforms on YouTube Facebook and Twitch

Reasons to migrate from Windows to Linux

Telegram removes restrictions on watching live broadcasts

South Korea and Australia threaten Google and Apple

A futuristic addition that improves the wheelchair

Telegram removes restrictions on watching live broadcasts

LinkedIn plans to discontinue the Stories functionality at the end of September

PUBG developers are working on a huge art project

What is Microsoft Windows Hello Authentication System?

The US military relies on artificial intelligence technology

Self-driving cars are not a solution to climate change

Volkswagen offers 4G connectivity options in the car

Is artificial intelligence superior to humans in managing employees?

China reduces children's playtime to 3 hours per week

Comparison of FAT32 exFAT and NTFS file management systems

Fossil launches a new smartwatchs for 2021

The demand for smartwatches is increasing this spring

How Google Docs Is Used For Scams

Everything you need to know about the Pixel 5A smartphone

The features Apple should offer in the next generation AirPods Max

The new PlayStation 5 model is lighter

China proposes to tightly control the algorithm

Linux improves future security for enterprise applications

How developers can offer alternatives to standard Apple apps

Wearable devices cause health concern for patients

What is computational photography and how did it affect phone cameras?

Snapdragon 888+ processor improves performance of 5G flagship phones

How does Face ID work on iPhone and is it safe?

Graphics card end-of-life signs

Why the Apple II manual is selling for $800,000

Experience walking in space through virtual reality

Due to delivery bottlenecks TSMC increases chip prices

South Korea wants to end the dominance of Apple and Google

Cuba now recognizes cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin

Toyota discontinues self-driving e-Palette

Waymo will not sell Lidar sensors to other companies

Tesla wants to become an electricity supplier in Texas

India can try digital rupee before December

Netflix is ​​testing Android games in Poland

Snapchat announces new updates to its Scan tool

Everything you need to know about the Galaxy Watch 4

How services and platforms can come back after their collapse

Everything you need to know about Apple Arcade

Comparison between iPad Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard

Why Apple might abandon the iPhone over time

Drone delivery service is a success

Tech companies spend billions on cybersecurity

Fitbit has launched the latest Charge 5 fitness tracker

Thousands of routers are under attack globally

How Google TV beats Android TV

How did Apple thrive under Tim Cook 10 years ago

Pegasus attack evades iPhone security protection

Walmart is trying to beat Amazon

What is a bottleneck and how to avoid it

Musk criticizes Tesla's self-driving pilot project

Best CPU and Graphics Card Temperature for Gaming

Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 are expected success

The second largest stable cryptocurrency in the world is undergoing a change

Madness NFT.. Million dollars for a picture of a rock

Why not combine Google Maps and Waze?

Oculus introduces new features in virtual reality glasses

Hacker returned $600 million in cryptocurrency

Routers type and main alternative to improve internet connection

Basic steps to protect your private information online

Razer devices give you administrator rights in Windows 10

Tech giants accept the metaverse

Thanks to virtual reality you can travel anywhere

All you need to know about PUBG: New State

PayPal launches crypto service in the UK

Bitcoin acceptance is increasing in Afghanistan

ROBLOX Exploits Young Game Developers

Everything you need to know about Android Auto

What is a SaaS model and what is service software like?

All the details about Google Play Store and its services

The main leaks and expectations for the iPhone 14

Epic Games supports Fortnite by stealing ideas from other games

Epic Games uses Grand Theft Auto V

China wants companies to enhance privacy

Elon Musk: Tesla is developing human-like robots

Can Xiaomi maintain its leading position in the mobile phone market?

Everything you need to know about Bitcoin wallets

Why game simulators are becoming increasingly important over time

Is Apple failing in podcasting?

YikYak is back again.. get to know it

What is decentralized finance and how does it work

AI could replace Olympic referees

DeepMind algorithm enhances treatment of rare diseases

How archiving the Internet can help prevent it from disappearing

Binance is facing legal issues due to outage

Snapchat launches Snapchat Trends

BlackBerry wants to hide a vulnerability that makes the device vulnerable

Netflix adds support for spatial audio on iPhone

Allegations to investigate Tesla's promise of self-driving

Waymo builds autonomous truck hub in Texas

Intel works without RealSense AI cameras

Chinese game developers target consoles after ban is lifted

Defeating Netflix requires Disney to integrate its services

What is a stable cryptocurrency?

How did hackers bypass two-factor authentication?

Collaborative video capabilities we still need

Browser blocking features are no longer useful

Wireless headphones require the use of certain phones

Firefox is more threatened than ever

How to clean headphones professionally

Turn off iCloud Photo Service on iPhone and iPad

Ways to improve work efficiency when using smartphone

Augmented reality can be heard

Computer brain technology will experience great development in 2021

Reasons to subscribe to Apple TV Plus

How to buy the best microSD memory card

roblox wants to control the metaverse

The cost of phishing has quadrupled in 6 years

MasterCard has phased out magnetic stripes

T-Mobile confirms breach after release of customers data

Chromebook remains the best choice for distance learning

Reasons to buy old home game consoles

Tesla faces a formal investigation into automated pilot incidents

Walmart Explores the World of Cryptocurrency

Android journey before buying through Google

USA wants to analyze social media platforms

Surveillance cameras can now move and fly

Reasons for the enmity between Apple and Facebook

Why did the Apple Ping social network fail?

Foxconn plans to build an electric car factory

DJI adds another option to the drone market

Why does the battery charge so slowly when it is almost full?

How is the relationship between Windows 11 and Windows Vista?

Everything you need to know about Wear OS 3

Apple has a reason to release a foldable phone in three years

Bitcoin Mining Profits Decreased Due to Algorithm Changes

Will Samsung kill the Galaxy S series?

Unbelievable myths about smartphone batteries

Can foldable phones produce the 3D TV experience?

Will Microsoft Edge Overtake Firefox Soon

Firefox loses more than 56 million users

What you need to know before upgrading to Windows 11

Zambia bans WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook during elections

Windows 11 receives updated core applications

Galaxy Watch 4 calculates body fat percentage

Prevent smartphone overheating

Skysphere: Audi's self-driving concept car

Protect your smartphone from spyware

Senators target the Apple App Store

Zoom announces focus mode to prevent students from getting distracted

Messi gets the cryptocurrency

How Samsung improves the reliability of foldable phones

The difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum

Game companies are required to avoid harmful designs

The electric Mercedes EQS comes at a price of 100,000 dollars

Norton buys Avast for $8.6 billion

More than $600 million worth of cryptocurrency has been stolen

Artificial intelligence speeds up the work of programmers with Codex

You are now ready to run Windows 11 on your Mac

Snapchat defines its approach to misinformation

LinkedIn adds options for online video conferencing

Firefox uses HTTPS by default when browsing

Does dark mode reduce phone battery consumption?

Why is Starlink building a satellite base in the Irish Sea?

Why Canon, Sony and Fujifilm cameras sell more

Is the Mac versions compatible with the M1 chip to play games?

AI can write fraudulent information better than humans

Gigabyte suffers from ransomware attack

SpaceX launches satellites to display advertisements in space

Tesla delays production of the Cybertruck until 2022

How has the work of software developers changed over time?

The journey of mankind from the horse to the electric car

Spotify knows more about you than you can imagine

What is end-to-end encryption and why should you use it

How do smartphones prevent earthquakes?

China sues Tencent through WeChat

Spotify plans to add AirPlay 2 to its app

How the first website appeared about 30 years ago

PUBG is now PUBG Battlegrounds

LinkedIn helps maximize social opportunities

A copy of Super Mario sells for $2 million

Should Qualcomm Worry About MediaTek's Medium Processors

Cryptocurrency taxes could stifle blockchain

A trip to the edge of space worth 450 thousand dollars

Learn about the discontinued AirPower Wireless Charger

Why is quantum computing so hard to explain?

Decentralized finance is revolutionizing the global financial sector

What can a brain-computer interface like Neuralink do?

Where did the confiscated cryptocurrency go?

The main technology of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Britain could block Nvidia's takeover of Arm

Starlink Bypasses Satellite Internet Providers

Biden confirms his goals for electric cars

AI can manipulate security and medical information

Hacking Bitcoin wallets with quantum computers

Digital pets attract the attention of millions of users

Crypto Traders Struggle to Sue Binance

The authorities use the Matrix protocol to create communication applications

Spotify is testing a less restrictive plan for $0.99

IKEA launches the first smart air purifier

Android 12 refers to other Google plans besides the Pixel 6

AirPods Pro have new competitors from Bang & Olufsen

Elon Musk talks about self-driving Tesla cars

Jeff Bezos lost his bet on Elon Musk

SolarWinds hackers attacked federal prosecutors

Group video calls with 1,000 viewers on Telegram

Elon Musk criticizes Apple App Store fees

Elon Musk wanted to be the CEO of Apple

Microsoft and Google disagree over documents

Arc wants to build a new concept of electric boats

Windows 11 introduces modern concepts to the system that we have used for many years

Car companies leave Tesla alone before accident law

Tesla allows its network to charge other electric cars

Suggestions for places of interest on the Snapchat map

Reducing the capacity of mobile phones is not in the interest of consumers

Discord improves conversations with Threads

Electric flying taxis could soon become a reality

Pinterest is a place where you can earn money with pins that you can buy

Tesla is trying to make up for the lack of chips

Citizen pay you to broadcast the crime scene

Samsung foldable phone waterproof

Bitcoin Devaluation Affects Tesla

Tesla has a net income of over $1 billion

Amazon founder offers $2 billion to NASA

Toyota seeks slow transition to electric cars

Reasons why millions of devices don't support Windows 11

Is it dangerous to use the phone while charging

Pixel smartphones have been monitoring criminals for years

8 million terabytes of iCloud user data is stored on Google servers

Japan breaks the internet speed record

Tesla offers full self-driving on a monthly subscription

Binance stops selling digital equity issues

China wants to dominate semiconductors

Netflix tells parents what their kids are watching

Elon Musk admits Cybertruck could fail

Netflix plans to release continuous video games

General Motors cancels wireless charging due to missing chips

Mercedes introduces a sliding touch screen

Elon Musk bought a space ticket from Virgin Galactic

TAG Heuer announces the Super Mario smartwatch

Facebook and Twitter are criticized by English players

Virgin Galactic sends its founder to the outer limits of space

Capsules help cities solve traffic problems

How SpaceX Keeps Starlink Secrets

Square Hardware Bitcoin Wallet is Coming

3D printer prints microns wide structures

Apple AirPods Promotes Reform Rights Act

YouTube users monetize Microsoft videos

Tesla starts FSD program Beta 9

Lightyear One is the most efficient electric car

Android app tests the water resistance of mobile phones without drops of water

Donald Trump sues Facebook Twitter and YouTube

Electric bike made by BMW CE 04

Bentley launches the Flying Spur plug-in hybrid

Apple and Google have default apps

The third largest cryptocurrency in the world worries economists

China's war on cryptocurrency has reached a new level

Binance is facing increasingly tough measures

Russian hackers attacked the republican system

Atari focuses on computer games more than mobile phones

Programming language: Python may soon outperform C and Java

Norway requires Instagram photo editing only

Rimac buys a Bugatti from Volkswagen

Audacity Audio Editor has become a spyware

Opera becomes the first alternative browser optimized for Chromebooks

Kaseya ransomware attacks threaten global businesses

Russia is working to strengthen the so-called sovereignty of the Internet

Tesla sets a new record for car delivery

Source code sold for $5.4 million

SpaceX launches 88 satellites into space

Allegations Investigating the Bernanke Project on Google

Discord lets you share more information about you in your account

Slack introduces Huddles audio service

Starlink hopes to have 500,000 users next year

The new Snapchat update fixes the crash

SoftBank has stopped producing Pepper robots

BMW stops selling i3 electric cars

Bitcoin soars as Britain bans Binance

The world's fastest electric bike has new competitors

Prologue: Honda's first electric SUV

Bitcoin mining just got easier after China crackdown

Elon Musk plans to make Starlink a public company

Hackers use games to mine Monero

SpaceX plans to test Starship in July

TCL launches wearable display glasses

Google changes block old YouTube links

Brave Search .. the privacy-focused alternative to Google

Bitcoin drops below $30,000 a cause for concern

xCloud is receiving a support upgrade for Xbox Series X

Fortnite developers start anti-cheat service

Hackers avoid attacks on Eastern European countries

Starlink could offer global coverage in September

Tik Tok and WeChat are not on the list of blocked transactions

Tesla launched the world's fifth largest supercomputer

A mini quantum computer is coming soon

Hyundai controls Boston Dynamics

Amazon and Apple are the most valuable brands

Bitcoin collapses after China raid

Chinese apps can be blocked by order of Biden

Russia forces tech giants to open local offices

An Android app that puts user data at risk

Porsche develops a music system tailored to your driving style

PUBG Mobile returns to India after ban

Snapchat removes speed filters after car crash

Jeff Bezos enters the nuclear fusion zone

The plan for the International Lunar Research Station is taking shape

Lincoln promises electric cars by 2030

FedEx Tests the Standalone Delivery Truck

Web founder sells first browser code

IKEA launches framed speakers

Hyundai takes air taxi efforts seriously

Razer launches gaming laptop with AMD processors

Opera introduces Opera GX browser for mobile devices

Apple and Google are forcing people to rethink ads

Land Rover is developing electric cars with hydrogen fuel cells

Netflix launched the e-commerce site Netflix.Shop

Why did Amazon spend $8.45 billion on MGM Studios?

Bitcoin Rise After Tesla Offered to Accept Crypto Again

Dodge wants to build a car with an electric motor

Apple and Google face Japanese antitrust investigation

Volkswagen: Security breach exposes contact details of 3.3 million customers

Bitcoin upgrades for the first time in four years

Chinese crackdown on Bitcoin mining continues

McLaren joins Extreme E

New antitrust laws target tech workers

A trip to space with Jeff Bezos for $ 28 million

Nvidia stopped supporting Windows 7 drivers in October

McDonald's suffered a data breach

Hackers steal data from electronic gaming giant Electronic Arts

Tesla is shipping the first batch of 25 Model S cars

Elon Musk presents Cyberpunk 2077 via Tesla

Because of the Trump administration Apple is embroiled in a new problem

Can you decline the Apple iOS 15 update?

Ford cars tell you if they are broken into

Unitree Go1..a four-legged robot at $2,700

Intel Mac doesn't have the best features of macOS Monterey

Android 12 introduces a new way to manage contacts

Biden cancels Trump's order to ban Tik Tok

Trump praised Nigeria for banning Twitter

Ferrari prepares for the era of electric cars

Anom: An encrypted chatting platform for criminals

Ford Maverick with Integrated Hybrid Engine and LTE

SpaceX successfully completed Mission 125

The richest man in the world flies into space

Tesla has officially discontinued the Model S Plaid Plus

Preparing for cyber attacks in the age of quantum computing

Alibaba Browser collects data from millions of users

Will Snapchat take a look at your content?

Fiat only wants to produce electric cars by 2030

Kia announces 2021 Niro EV with some added technologies

Tech giants should expect higher taxes

El Salvador wants to introduce Bitcoin as legal tender

Ban on US investment in Chinese surveillance firms

Tech companies are working together to improve browser extensions

Nigeria suspends Twitter operations

Tesla suffers after a sharp drop in Chinese sales

Jack Dorsey Plans to Create a Bitcoin Wallet

NASA sends two missions to Venus

Norton 360 allows you to mine Ethereum cryptocurrency

SpaceX has signed a huge contract for three special missions

The Pentagon admits that DJI drones are safe

Elon Musk explains why Tesla prices are soaring

Firefox has redesigned bigger tabs

Nevera: a super electric sports car with 1,900 horsepower

The European Union wants a digital wallet for post-Corona

SpaceX builds the first oceanic space port

Tesla cars have two RDNA graphics processing units

Google's faster internet standard has become the de facto standard

Android 12 blocking replaces the official joint list

Japan sends a transformable robotic ball to the moon

Fitbit may soon add snoring detection to its devices

Tesla will not deliver the Model S Plaid on schedule

Tesla uses built-in cameras to monitor drivers

The White House is using Snapchat to provide information about vaccines

Iran bans mining cryptocurrencies for a period of four months

Ford increases investment in electric cars

USB-C is about to go from 100W to 240W

Tesla stores Chinese user data locally

Snapchat: Augmented Reality Is Changing Ecommerce

Tesla announced that it can switch to Tesla Vision without radar

Autonomous cars drive on public roads in Germany

Elon Musk wants to solve Bitcoin's sustainability problem

Tesla is testing the Luminar laser sensor

Italy tests highways to charge electric cars

Norway fined Tesla for reducing battery capacity

Bitcoin is facing a stormy week and is valued at $ 32,000

Ford launches a small commercial electric truck

Cell Alpha 3-channel smart home speaker

Logitech launches a blackboard camera that hides the presenter

Kobo Elipsa ... a 10.3-inch e-reader

Sphero indi ... a robot that children use to learn to code

Snap reaches new heights in augmented reality

Bitcoin faces a new Chinese escalation campaign

The US Federal Reserve is thinking of its digital currency

Slack is one of its most annoying features

Snap announces augmented reality glasses Spectacles

Snap announces the Story Studio app

Opera brings browser games to cell phones

Ford launches the F-150 electric vehicle

Nvidia extends the limitations of cryptocurrency mining

Android 12 turns pixel phones into vehicle keys

Google and Samsung are integrating Wear OS and Tizen

Tesla is facing problems due to Elon Musk's statements

McLaren unveils its Artura hybrid

Titan Pocket: Smartphone for keyboard fans

The fully electric Lamborghini will be launched soon

Artificial intelligence aids in writing with smartphones

SpaceX has launched 52 Starlink Internet satellites

Sega plans to bring back the classic games

Xbox collaborating with developer Call of Duty: Mobile

SpaceX plans to conduct the first test of an orbiting spacecraft

The ransom demand is affecting the Irish healthcare system

The world's largest cryptocurrency exchange is currently under investigation

Tesla no longer accepts bitcoins to buy cars

Volkswagen tests its self-driving truck this summer

Tesla faces a sharp drop in sales in China

Bose hearing aids do not require a visit to a doctor

Subaru is dying for its first electric car, the Solterra

HTC Vive Pro 2 launched with 5K resolution

Elon Musk asked his followers about Tesla accepting Dogecoin

MSI launches gaming laptop

Ethereum surpassed $ 4000 for the first time

vaChill EV-500 ... a portable air conditioner that can cool down a room in 10 minutes

The next iPhone in 2023 will receive a major upgrade

SpaceX has sent a mission to the moon with funding from Dogecoin

China responds to Starlink via a satellite startup

China responds to Starlink via a satellite startup

China used the iPhone to spy on Uyghurs

PUBG will return to India with a new name

IPhone users are refusing to follow ads after iOS 14.5

Discord is rapidly expanding beyond gaming

Dogecoin dropped after Elon Musk comments

India stops launching Chinese-made devices

You can use Qualcomm chips to record calls

Cryptocurrencies have no intrinsic value

Bitcoins that you buy through PayPal are not actually yours

The richest man in the world sold $ 5 billion worth of Amazon shares

Apple: Microsoft certification should not be considered trustworthy

Tesla will not provide fully autonomous cars this year

Toshiba launches TV with Amazon Fire TV interface

Citroen shows the Ami Cargo delivery truck

Nintendo brings a new game to aspiring game designers

SpaceX's Mars rocket has successfully landed for the first time

Snap can be sued for a fatal traffic accident

The Nintendo Switch never stopped sales surpassing 84 million

SpaceX has 500,000 Starlink service requests

Elon Musk's SNL appearance fuels Dogecoin's rise

Bentley's first electric vehicle was an SUV

Fortnite made $ 9 billion in its first two years

Yahoo is back in the spotlight

Intel and AMD processors contain new security holes

Volkswagen is developing its own chips for self-driving cars

Germany has the capacity to manufacture 400 million electric cars

SpaceX is bringing back astronauts from the International Space Station

For the first time Ethereum crossed $ 3,000

Microsoft plans to cut commissions in the Xbox Store

Huawei focuses on software with Google's ambitions

Mochi ... a standalone charging robot for electric cars

Ascend ... a robotic pillar for a new era of human mobility

Beolab 28 Speakers - $ 15,000

Honda Civic gets better technology and improved handling

London City .. The first airport to control air traffic through a digital tower

Ford's smarter robots are speeding up assembly lines

Ford's smarter robots are speeding up assembly lines

Turkey started the war on cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin regulations are dedicated to fighting ransomware attacks

With Coinbase you can easily buy cryptocurrencies with PayPal

Urgent .. English sports teams are leading the campaign to boycott social media

Ethereum reaches a record high

IPhone sales have risen dramatically despite the ongoing epidemic

General Motors launches the Ultium Charge 360 ​​charging solution

Russia fines Apple $ 12 million

The UK is taking its first steps towards self-driving cars

With the increase in sales Alphabet made big profits

Washington DC Police Department under a cyber attack

The Pixel 5A camera sample shows the specifications

Airbus is testing LiDAR technology to make flying safer

Toyota acquires self-driving car division in Lyft

Tesla won $ 100 million in Bitcoin

UNESCO offers a virtual tour of the World Heritage sites

Tamagotchi Pix brings 90s games to life

Evercade VS: An old-fashioned console game that keeps pace

Disney's latest robot brings Groot to life

The Pentagon has given a company control of 175 million IP addresses

Cryptocurrencys losses exceeded $ 200 billion

Horizon jails UK Post Office employees

Turkey does not intend to ban cryptocurrencies

Honda ditches fuel cars by 2040

Garmin announces the launch of the Venu 2 and Venu 2S smartwatches

Signal demonstrates flaws in Cellebrite hacking equipment

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Nintendo Printer

The Hongqi S9 marks the beginning of a new chapter in Chinese auto history

Louis Vuitton Cartier and Prada resort to blockchain

The FIA ​​launches the flagship model in the electric GT class

Polaroid Go ... the smallest analog instant camera yet

Netflix is seeing a slowdown in new subscriptions

Russia plans to leave the International Space Station

ID 6: Volkswagen's electric SUV

Mercedes EQB .. electric SUV

Toyota's first electric vehicle arrives in 2022

Fitbit announces the new Fitbit Luxe fitness device

The UK is considering issuing central bank digital currencie

Volvo supplies cars to the autonomous vehicle division in Didi

Ingenuity unimpeded continues its first historic journey

Spanish police attacked a 3D-printed weapons factory

Audi is using the A6 E-Tron to predict the future of electric cars

Chia cryptocurrency leads to a shortage of storage drives

Fortnite Crew subscribers get Spotify Premium

Bitcoin is down more than 10% to under $ 55,000

Washington state plans to ban the sale of petrol cars

China Ant Group is looking into options for leaving Jack Ma

A quantum network with multiple nodes paves the way for the quantum internet

Chinese companies want to enter the European electric car market

EasyDNS has been accepting Dogecoin as a payment method for some time

Nokia N-Gage games are reborn with EKA2L1

DJI enters the world of self-driving cars with DJI Automotive

Fitbit is working on the Luxe fitness tracker

Edward Snowden sells NFT for $ 5.4 million

Starlink should be mobile end of this year

NASA chooses SpaceX to build a lunar probe

Dogecoin is up 300% in a week

Kasparov launches KasparovChess chess platform

P5 ... a self-driving car from the Chinese rival Tesla

Reuters charges for reading news online

Ferrari will launch its first electric car in 2025

Mercedes launches EQS luxury electric car

America is punishing Russia in response to the SolarWinds hack

Turkey prohibits the use of cryptocurrencies for payments

DJI Innovations announced the Mavic Air 2S for $ 999

The FBI hacked hundreds of computers remotely to keep them safe

Europe wants to ban AI for widespread surveillance

Ford is targeting Tesla with the BlueCruise system

Beosound Emerge .. Book shaped speaker by B&O

The UAE hopes to launch the lunar module in 2022

Car Thing .. the smart media player from Spotify

Audi launches the e-tron Q4 electric vehicle

Coinbase's market cap rose to $ 86 billion after its listing on the Nasdaq exchange

Urbanista produces solar powered headphones

Canon confirms development of the EOS R3 mirrorless camera

Oculus Quest 2 supports wireless transmission from a computer

Russian military intelligence infiltrate Swedish sports agencies

Facebook is facing German attempts to prevent WhatsApp data collection

Maps Plus: GM's in-car navigation system

Bitcoin sets a record before the historic Coinbase listing

Personal computers have grown faster in 20 years

Nuro's self-driving robot delivers Domino's Pizza orders

HSBC prohibits customers from purchasing MicroStrategy shares

Electric vehicle manufacturers in the US are breathing a sigh of relief

Cruz brings driverless taxis to Dubai

Camello robot delivers orders to homes in Singapore

Alibaba ignores the $ 2.75 billion antitrust fine

France wants to ban some domestic flights to reduce carbon dioxide emissions

Clubhouse denies leaking user data

Telesat competes with Musk and Bezos in the Internet Space Race

Windows 10 lets you tell Microsoft how to use your computer

China strengthens competition watchdog while increasing repression of giants

Transformers come to life in Optimus Prime

The French Army tests the Spot robot in combat training

XUPERMASK .. mask with headphones

Instax Mini 40 .. New Fujifilm Instant Camera

Right-wing extremist plans to blow up the Amazon data center

China fined Alibaba $ 2.75 billion

China fined Alibaba $ 2.75 billion

Mustang Mach-E has a battery issue that prevents it from running

The OneWeb and SpaceX satellites avoid orbital collisions

Firefox does not support Fire TV or Echo Show devices

DuckDuckGo promises to block FLoC tracking technology from Google

Neuralink shows a monkey playing a game by thinking

500 million LinkedIn user data is for sale

The United States is fighting against the Chinese supercomputers

FlixOnline uses WhatsApp to infect users

Adidas launches customizable shoe via Lego blocks

Tesla is trying to ease Chinese spying concerns

Pinterest launches a fund to pay influencers

Swiss watchmakers are turning to digital technology

The UK is targeting major tech companies

Surface Laptop 4 coming soon

Polestar builds a zero-emissions vehicle

EBay makes it easy for you to sell Pokémon cards

General Motors is building a Chevy Silverado electric

$ 500,000 to design next-generation masks

Android Auto gets the apps drivers need

Yahoo will permanently close Yahoo Answers on May 4

Clubhouse Introduces Advantage Payments To Creators

Stripe payments reach the Middle East via Dubai

The cryptocurrency has a market cap of $ 2 trillion

The lawsuit over Trump's Twitter account ends

Dragonfly robot detects environmental conditions in the water

The Supreme Court supports Google against Oracle

Tesla's stock price rose after first-quarter sales growth

Russia extends punitive Twitter slowdown until May

The Bank of Japan begins experiments with issuing digital currency

Europe wants the lead in electric vehicle batteries

Russia censors the sovereign Internet by curbing Twitter

Genesis broke the record with 3,281 drones

ByteDance: Bank accounts freezing in India is a threat

South Korea and Taiwan feature slices

A scarcity of chips disrupts production in critical industries

Uber is required to pay $ 1.1 million to a blind woman

RF-Grasp ... a hidden object-sensing robot

Galaxy SmartTag Plus tracker is available for initial order

Hummer launches a new electric SUV

Mawaqit Net offers prayer times with Ramadan 2021

Super Mario Bros broke the record for the most expensive game

French police warn of international lego gang

Beware of scams in Call of Duty: War Zone

Crew Dragon gets a glass dome for space viewing

Chrome OS displays geolocation records

Discord offers real-time voice chat

Ubiquiti accused of covering up catastrophic data breaches

M.Vision X and M.Vision POP .. Hyundai concept vehicles

Hackers have tried to plant a PHP backlog

VSS Imagine ... the spaceship from Virgin Galactic

Lexus LF-Z introduces the next electric vehicle

Krafton shuts down PUBG Lite completely on April 29

SpaceX is losing another prototype of Starship

LinkedIn is working on a competitor to the Clubhouse app

Volvo and Aurora are developing semi-autonomous trucks

Snap develops Spectacles for augmented reality

Gocycle is rapidly launching a folding electric bike

Lilium launches a new electric plane

Spotify enters the live voice chat area

Daimler hopes to accelerate the electrical transition in 2021

Fiat built the Hey Google car

Volkswagen changes its name to Voltswagen in America

PayPal launched a cryptocurrency payment service

Tesla doubled fees for some customers

The KIA EV6 .. the small electric car of the big dreams

IBM releases the Quantum Computers Developer Certificate

Pokémon GO developers are yearning for augmented reality goggles

The Louvre Museum offers its complete collection online

Do not park the Hyundai Kona EV inside as it may ignite

The Biden administration looks to regulate the development of a vaccine passport

Australia is investigating piracy against Parliament

Australia is investigating piracy against Parliament

Visa allows the use of the USDC cryptocurrency

IPhone sales are witnessing remarkable growth in the Gulf countries

Mercedes EQS includes a 55 inch screen

Stretch Boston Dynamics' next commercial robot

China is promoting semiconductor development with tax cuts

Jeep plans to install off-road chargers

Japan is preparing to issue vaccination passports

Venezuela describes Maduro's Facebook comment as digital totalitarian

Slack reproduces acoustic rooms from the Clubhouse

Scientists are developing smart clothing that can be used to measure movement

TCL develops a hybrid phone with foldable and foldable screen

Musk: Tesla could be the biggest company outperforming Apple

Ford wants to use 3D printing waste

ID.Buzz electric minibus will be released in 2022

Arctic is the battlefield between OneWeb and SpaceX

The New York Times sells one of its columns as NFT

Tesla should direct Musk to delete tweet in 2018

Emerging NFT companies are raising millions of dollars

Includes Firefox Smart Block browser for private browsing

Drako GTE's electric supercar rushes into an icy lake

Chinese tech companies lost $ 60 billion in three days

System Update .. Spyware disguised as a system update

Humble One .. an electric SUV with a solar roof

Dacia turns your phone into an information and entertainment display

Buying a Tesla with Bitcoin becomes available

Elon Musk is trying to bring China back

Metl .. a bicycle tire that uses NASA hump-humping technology

Yahoo Plus is a subscription platform that brings the Yahoo brands together

Daymak is anticipating the world's fastest three-wheeled electric vehicle

Jeep Magneto .. an electric Wrangler

WebView disables the Android apps

Pikmin is the next AR game from Pokémon Go

Browser compatibility brings Microsoft and Google closer together

Aramco has lost its title as the most profitable company in the world

Geely Zeker electric car targets Tesla

Fitbit adds Tile tracking feature to its Inspire 2

Time magazine sells 3 covers in NFT format

Robot Sophia sells digital artworks under the name NFT

Trump plans to open a social network as soon as possible

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is preparing to launch two local satellites

MacOS suffers from a growing number of malware

Hong Guang Mini is the best selling electric car in the world

Canon wants to convert a DSLR camera into a webcam

USB-C DAC is high-fidelity audio for mobile phones

Virtual 25 virtual Gucci sneakers

LinkedIn's political content is upsetting China

Tesla is banned from entering Chinese military complexes

China is critical of the US plan to ban Chinese telecom operators

Pakistan is building a pilot cryptocurrency mining farm

China increases scrutiny over deepfakes technology

BMW reveals the appearance of the i4 electric vehicl

Ready For brings a DeX desktop to Edge Plus

Musk refuses to sell his tweet as NFT

Wikimedia launched a paid service for large tech companies

Dropbox allows users to save 50 passwords for free

Kensington launched StudioDock iPad

Baidu is testing commercially self-driving taxis in China

A startup from the Middle East grows food in the desert

Tesla drops some drivers from independent driving tests

Hackers steal NFT from Nifty Gateway users

BMW iDrive 8 brings autonomous driving closer

A flaw in SMS messages that allows hackers to control phone numbers

The encrypted messaging app Signal has stopped working in China

Coins can be mined in Ethereum via GeForce RTX 3060

Russia is watching neutrinos on Lake Baikal

Mini plans to migrate to electricity by 2030

Sky Global is accused of selling encrypted devices to drug dealers

Bitcoin ATMs are very popular

China supports Tesla's rival Xpeng

Clubhouse announces the New Creator Utility Program

SpaceX is launching a Falcon 9 rocket for the ninth time

Epic Games expects Neymar to appear in Fortnite

Kia shows the first photo of an EV6 electric vehicle

India proposes to ban cryptocurrencies and punish the miners

Bitcoin is slipping from the record near $ 62,000

Aya Neo: Gaming laptop is now available on Indiegogo

A Zipline drone carrying the Corona vaccine

ICON sells its 3D printed homes for $ 450K

Bitcoin surpasses $ 60,000 for the first time

Reflections of light in the eyes reveal deep fake

The second richest man in the world faces new lawsuits

Researchers are designing an optical drive with a capacity of 700 terabytes

Bitwarden adds secure text and file transfers

Internet access should be a basic right

The printer has broken down in the computer after updating Windows 10

hopes to entice merchants to use the Binance payment platform

Uber and Lyft team up on the two drivers accused of assault

PalmOS devices receive the Twitter app

The Biden administration imposed new restrictions on Huawei's suppliers

Kia is dying for its next EV6 electric car

Beeple sells artwork for $ 69 million through NFT

Epic Games expands the battle with Google to Australia

The European Union wants to double production of chips

Sonos brings its acoustic technology to Audi cars

Canoo unveils its electric pick-up truck

Russia suffocates access to Twitter due to protests

Russia and China are cooperating to set up an international research station on the moon

Verkada surveillance cameras hacked at Tesla factories

Audi displays the Q4 E-Tron's augmented reality screen

Once again Bitcoin is worth over a trillion dollars

The only Cortana speaker eliminates Microsoft's digital assistant

Microsoft has been warning Hafnium for months

SpaceX wants to connect Starlink Internet to mobile vehicles

The Bitcoin obsession is piquing the appetites of Chinese companies

Tesla is losing more than $ 244 billion in a month

Targeted European banking regulator in piracy Microsoft

PayPal has acquired Curv a company that provides digital asset security

McAfee sold the foundation business for $ 4 billion

Russia condemns Facebook for blocking some media coverage

Tesla is expanding the beta version of its FSD program

Russian intelligence wants to undermine people's confidence in the Corona vaccine

Dubai airport uses passengers' eyes instead of passports

Despite Microsoft's corrections the White House still calls for action

Toyota is investing in emerging AI companies

China is focusing on seven pioneering technologies in its war against the United States

Caviar launches an iPad Pro made from one kilogram of gold

FedEx plans to build an electric transportation fleet by 2040

The launch of the first independent digital banking platform in the UAE

Volkswagen dares Project Trinity

Tesla launches a social platform and shuts down its forum

Taycan Cross Turismo ... a new electric Porsche

Porsche offers very expensive electric scooters

Square buys a majority stake in Tidal's streaming service

John McAfee was accused of cryptocurrency fraud

Mustang Mach-E is comparable to Tesla in terms of sales

Mail hacked of more than 30,000 organizations due to Microsoft

Red Magic 6 Pro has 18 GB of RAM

Polaroid made a pen that you can use to draw candy bars

Honda sells a self-driving level 3 Legend

Brave competes with Google with a privacy-focused search engine

China's spending on research and development has reached $ 378 billion

Cryptocurrency mining helps Iran avoid sanctions

PowerPC 750 processor powering the Mars' Perseverance probe

The Japanese billionaire is looking for someone to go with him to the moon

Voyager Station ... a space hotel due to open in 2027

India gets closer than ever to Tesla with lower production costs

C40 Recharge ... the second electric car from Volvo

DJI uses the DJI FPV to re-imagine the experience of flying with drones

Unc0ver has launched a new iPhone jailbreak tool

Gx Sweat .. Smarter Moisture Sweat Patch

The USB-C port is still a long way from the iPhone

One Moto wants to replace electric motorcycles

Goldman Sachs is back in cryptocurrency trading

Loyal Wingman ... a game-changer fighter jet

Volvo to move fully to electricity by 2030

MicroStrategy purchased Bitcoin $ 15 million

Development of the fastest laser-based random number generator

Bitcoin spikes after Inner Mongolia declares war on mining

Polaris dreamed of an all-electric Ranger

Bets on the UK's online grocery boom

Deep Nostalgia Technology Revives Old Photos

Japan is using artificial intelligence to combat food waste

Nissan's engines are more thermally efficient

Nigeria is the world leader in Bitcoin transactions

Bitcoin mining requires more electricity than the entire country

Great Britain wants to buy shares in emerging technology companies

Will other countries force Facebook and Google to pay for information like Australia?

Volkswagen ID Buzz passes the self-driving test

Tik Tok pays $ 92 million for data collection

Recommendations not to use LastPass after detailing 7 trackers

What data does the location tracker app collect in the phone?

India has stricter regulations on the social media giant

PUBG: New State is a new game for mobile devices

China is studying digital payments in cooperation with the UAE

Firefox provides complete cookie protection

SolarWinds hackers targets NASA's Federal Aviation Administration

Joby Aviation offers its electric plane in-flight

Foxconn builds a new electric car for Fisker

Mindful Method .. a mental health software by Fitbit

Australia requires digital platforms to pay for content

India wants to legalize social platforms after confronting Twitter

JPMorgan Chase tests blockchain payments in space

MicroStrategy purchases over $ 1 billion in Bitcoin

Biden hopes to address the global semiconductor shortage

Anker leads Apple to the market with its MagSafe battery pack

Square buys $ 170 million worth of Bitcoin

With the XR1 AR Smart Viewer you can install a virtual screen on the wall

USPS launches new mail vehicle with electric options

When the cryptocurrency market fell EToro was suspended

Bitcoin continues to decline reaching $ 47,000

Tesla's share price declined because its share price was correlated with Bitcoin's value

Hyundai launches the IONIQ 5 electric vehicle

Karma announces the launch of the GS-6 hybrid sports car

Malaysia fine a news site for comments from readers

Starlink doubles the speed to 300 Mbps

Spotify clips are similar to Instagram stories but are only intended for artists

Jian's Chinese spy software cloned from the National Security Agency

With Traeger you can adjust the cooking temperature from your wrist

Hacking of Clubhouse voice chats raises concerns

TransferWise changed its name to Wise

Tesla has benefited from an investment of nearly $ 1 billion in Bitcoin

Dozens of Boeing 777s are out of service

Silver Sparrow ... malware that infects Mac computers

RetroN Sq ... a TV platform for Game Boy games

3D Home uses artificial intelligence to estimate the size of the house

America is the most watched country after China

ID 5: The Volkswagen electric coupe will be launched on the market this year

iRig Pre 2 .. A wireless audio interface for content creators

Huge tech platforms run the risk of losing their bargaining power

SolarWinds hackers can access Microsoft's product code

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is investing billions in the video game industry

Nyan Cat encrypted artwork costs around $ 600,000

The Caviar's PlayStation 5 costs $ 500,000

Plex is testing integration with the Apple TV app

Bitcoin has a market cap of $ 1 trillion

Nvidia's RTX 3060 is less attractive for Ethereum mining

Hyundai launches new Kona electric models

The White House: 100 Companies Affected by SolarWinds Hackers

Despite the risk of Corona MWC will continue into 2021

SQ4D takes 3D printing to the next level

Ford will only sell electric cars in Europe by 2030

Bitcoin remains above $ 50,000 despite warnings

Ericsson is suing Samsung for patent infringement

Epic Games takes its battle with Apple to the European Union

Dota 2 turns into an animated series on Netflix

SpaceX raised money to fund future missions

Sennheiser wants to sell its consumer audio business

The benefits of LastPass for free users are diminished

After a successful launch SpaceX was unable to land

Hyundai Motor launches IONIQ 5 Interior

Terrafugia brings a flying car dream closer to reality

Chromium Browsers support Intel CET security feature

Australia amends laws to get Google and Facebook to pay

Parler emerges again via independent technology

Nissan has not negotiated electric vehicles with Apple

Blockchain wants to build a crypto city in the Nevada desert

General Motors launches an electrified Chevrolet Bolt

Bill Gates: Compared to the climate the coronavirus is easier to solve

Translucent wood can someday replace glass

Jaguar will be a 100% electric brand by 2030

Putin does not rule out talks with Musk at the club

Musk wants Dogecoin to become the internet currency

Starlink offers a telephone network as part of its satellite internet service

Artificial intelligence accurately detects skin cancer

Here is the not-yet-announced DJI FPV COMBO plane

Claims of clear cryptocurrency regulation

Fuchsia OS runs Android and Linux software locally

Zuckerberg urges employees to hurt Apple

UK government buys 11,000 iPhone SEs

Yandex employee committed violations against 4,887 clients

IKEA transforms a Swedish city into a sustainable community

UAE publishes the first image of the Mars probe

Biden hopes to fix the shortage of semiconductor chips

After reporting a security breach Clubhouse hopes to protect the data

Nvidia uses old cards to fight shortages

Morgan Stanley can bet on Bitcoin

Biden plans to tighten restrictions on technology exports to China

Trump will not return to Twitter even if he runs for office again

Researcher infiltrated more than 35 tech companies with new attacks

CD Projekt Red data for sale online

Volkswagen and Microsoft are jointly developing self-driving cars

Bitcoin is rising after BNY Mellon accepts cryptocurrencies

Russian police are using digital technology for protesters

America is distancing itself from Trump's attempts to ban WeChat

Hyundai is serious about building the four-legged car

Audi unveils the e-tron GT with Porsche technology

Toyota is moving towards developing automated taxis

Weber gas grill includes internet and digital display

India is using the Koo app to respond to Twitter

MetaHuman allows you to create realistic faces in the browser

Adobe makes it easy to share Photoshop projects

Starlink opens doors to first refundable orders

Bitcoin breaks the $ 47,000 mark for the first time

Infiltrators tried to poison the water by penetrating a water treatment facility

Snapchat will remind you to clear your friends list

How do you see the probe of hope reach Mars

Zoom Studio Effects function can add facial effects

Cowboy electric bikes avoid air pollution

The Projekt Red CD has been attacked by ransomware

Volkswagen explores flying cars in China

Yuba releases electric cargo scooters for $ 3,200

Elon Musk donates $ 100 million to help reduce carbon emissions

Tesla buys $ 1.5 billion bitcoin

SpeedTest measures your network's ability to stream video

China bans Clubhouse after it was uncensored

Karma wants to run electric cars with a methanol fuel cell

Chinese antitrust regulations target tech giants

A former cyber official calls on the army to attack hackers

Jack Dorsey helps the Bitcoin network run smoothly

Ruffle ... a flash emulator that allows you to play old games safely

Police are unable to confiscate $ 60 million in Bitcoin

Denmark builds an artificial wind-generating island

Starlink has more than 10,000 users

The Indian government threatens to imprison Twitter employees

Swiss Alp Watch mechanical watch $ 30,000

Bang & Olufsen's Beosound Level is built to last for decades

IBM is making quantum computers more practical

Caviar Origin ... a Vertu-inspired phone

The S9 ... a Silk EV and FAW super electric car

Air One ... the world's first electric civilian airport

Poly Studio P21 is a monitor with a microphone camera and light

Brain stem cells support artificial intelligence

Kuo feeds rumors of an Apple car from Hyundai

Nike's Go FlyEase is hands-free

Neuralink stimulates the monkey's brain to play video games

Wikipedia combats misuse of websites

Spot robot getting self-charging feature

Adobe expands the capabilities of the web copy of Acrobat

Kobalos ... malicious software targeting supercomputers

Nissan launches the e-NV200 winter electric vehicle

The Nintendo Switch is seeing its best quarter so far

Ring cooperates with most of the US police departments

Demand for Chromebooks will double in 2020

Hyundai is fighting the dangers of Apple electric cars

The European Union is appealing against Apple in tax proceedings

Elon Musk: Bitcoin is widely accepted

AutoX launches automated taxis in China

Kautelia Kataria ... the world's youngest AI programmer

Vivaldi Browser makes it easy to manage multiple tabs

$ 55 million for a trip to the International Space Station

The Model S automatically switches between stop reverse and drive

GeForce Now from Nvidia arrives in Chrome

With the support of Elon Musk Bitcoin rose sharply

Tesla unveils the redesigned Model S car

The satellites sparked an argument between Musk and Bezos

Tesla turns the success of the Model Y into its first year profit

Qualcomm is losing the battle against European antitrust bodies

The HPE Cray EX is one of the fastest computers in the world

European authorities ban Emotet malware

Plex launches a game subscription service full of Atari games

Bloodhound LSR sells for $ 11 million

Includes Firefox Smart Block browser for private browsing

Drako GTE's electric supercar rushes into an icy lake

Chinese tech companies lost $ 60 billion in three days

System Update .. Spyware disguised as a system update

Humble One .. an electric SUV with a solar roof

Dacia turns your phone into an information and entertainment display

America threatens countries due to digital services taxes

Tweetbot 6 has become a paid subscription service

General Motors is looking to hydrogen-powered trucks

Spin tests the remote controlled electric scooter

Biden wants to replace the government fleet with electric cars

Hyundai Motor Company launched a customer service robot in its showroom

One by Wacom brings the stylus to the Chromebooks

Vidiyo .. Lego's augmented reality social video service

8BitDo introduces a stylish and stylish controller for the Switch

The Russian government warns of US retaliatory cyber attacks

Peugeot launches its electric Peugeot eC01

BodyGuard hides malicious content on various platforms

S Max: a new electric scooter from Segway

Germany asks Taiwan for help with car chips

Volkswagen wants to compensate for the shortage of chipsets

Alphabet shuts down its Loon Internet balloon project

The United States government admits that it purchased the citizen location data

MediaTek releases Dimensity 1100 and 1200 chips

Installing Firefox add-ons on Android just got easier

Raspberry Pi launched a $ 4 microcontroller

Linux is now fully usable on Mac computers

Mercedes launches the electric EQA

SolarWinds hackers have targeted Malwarebytes

Tesla hired someone to handle complaints against Elon Musk

In China there is a train with a speed of 620 kilometers per hour

DuckDuckGo has over 100 million searches every day

It is easiest to run Windows applications on Linux

Volvo self-docking boat technology has come true

Overviewer .. assists teachers with presenting material via Zoom

A lawsuit against Apple for not removing Telegram

Smart watches can detect signs of corona in advance

The United States attacks Australia because of Facebook and Google

Computers are growing faster in a decade

Western Digital has doubled the storage capacity of portable solid state drives

The BMW Digital Key allows iPhones to unlock the iX

The Trump administration blacks out Xiaomi

Nvidia announces GeForce RTX 3060 at $ 330

D-Link launches the world's first Wi-Fi 6 adapter

Anker competes with AirPods Pro over the Liberty Air 2 Pr

Linksys introduces the AXE8400 mesh router

General Motors unveils electric delivery truck

General Motors launches self-driving Cadillac

Geely and Baidu work together to make electric cars

SolarWinds hackers are associated with well-known Russian spy gadgets

Smartphone sales in China decreased in 2020

Fossil announced its Gen 5 LTE smartwatch

Semiconductor shortage reduces car production

Clearview AI Rises After Capitol Attack

Links to private WhatsApp groups are shown via Google

Chinese research giant Baidu is making electric cars

Duracell does not pay Microsoft to use its batteries

The FCC turns away from Trump

Nio launches the new ET7 sedan

Kohler brings an elegant and quiet bathroom to the market

JBuds Frames ... loudspeakers you attach to glasses

Bitcoin can reach $ 146,000

The United States plans to add Alibaba and Tencent to the banned list

Threatening e-mail to the Ministry of Justice

Masks aren't an obstacle to NEC's facial recognition system

Dell Latitude laptops have an automatic webcam lock

Tile evolves a tracker to find lost items through walls

Jack Dorsey warns of cryptocurrencies

Alibaba is shutting down the Xiami Music Streaming app

The smartphone market is slowly recovering ... but Huawei will not benefit

China brings the Skyeye telescope to the global scientific community

The Malaysian team turns pineapple waste into drones

Ericsson worried about Chinese retaliation over Huawei ban

China accuses the United States of violating market rules

Shutting down the internet costs India $ 2.7 billion

Jack's disappearance sparked speculation about the billionaire's fate

Bitcoin increases smaller cryptocurrencies

Slack starts 2021 with a major service outage

Tesla failed to deliver 500,000 cars in 2020

SolarWinds' hack may be much worse than originally feared

Turkey urges social media to implement censorship

China is rising as the world's data superpower

The GS Yuasa battery can provide power both underwater and in space

Discover the prototype of the S with an updated design

Taiwan Zyxel network products are under threat

Tech companies added $ 3.4 trillion in 2020

China threatens after America write off its telecom companies

T-Mobile warns customers about data breaches

The US wants to track illegal automatic calls

Bitcoin surpasses $ 30,000 for the first time

NSO Fleming Technology uses real-world location data

China urges Jack Ma to scale back financial activities

Biden will not back down from Trump's campaign against Chinese technology

Bitcoin has quadrupled in value this year

The Finnish Parliament is under a cyber attack

Tesla plans to add Apple Music to its cars

Forced labor accusations go after an Apple supplier

Japan develops wooden satellite to reduce space waste

Europol suspends VPN services that help criminals

Tesla is converting your electric car into a portable audio system

An artificial sun from Korea has a temperature of 100 million degrees

Emerging search engine companies are trying to take on Google

Dubai unveils the smart Fakeeh University Hospital

Sanctions imposed on China are hurting European companies

Elon Musk wants to establish an independent Martian state

The World Health Organization launches the Corona virus application

SolarWind's hack affects local governments in the United States

The demand for computers will only decrease in 2022

Russia wants to release a version of the TikTok platform

Robots enter construction projects in the UAE

Russian hackers target security company CrowdStrike

ByteDance wants to discover drugs with artificial intelligence

Nuro self-driving service fee

KFC created a gaming platform capable of heating chickens

Alibaba faces antitrust investigation

Elon Musk: Apple refused to hold a meeting to buy Tesla

The United States warns of Chinese digital devices and services

Ripple has been accused of cheating investors with using XRP

Vimeo became an independent company after its boom

Big tech companies have been hit by SolarWinds hackers

Let's Encrypt can securely search old Android phones

McAfee and Microsoft fight ransomware

The National Security Agency may break with cyber driving

Biden is considering punishing Russia for the US breakthrough

The Electronic Frontier Foundation condemns Facebook's campaign against Apple

Firefox added a new anti-tracking feature

Ryan Kaji earns $ 29.5 million from YouTube

The Netherlands confirms that Trump's Twitter account has been hacked

Mini 45: Hyundai's electric kids' car

Fortnite works best on older computers

Europe wants to create its version of the Starlink internet project

The United States bans Chinese drone company DJI

GoPro Remote .. wireless remote control

Canoo launched its new electric truck

IBM and Fujifilm develop a 580TB magnetic stripe

The Apple TV app is coming to Chromecast soon

Firefox supports the M1 processor

US warning of submarine cables in the Pacific Islands

Australia: Facebook uses Onavo to hack

Bitcoin reached the highest value ever

Signal supports encrypted group video calls

SolarWinds is linked to the hacking of US agencies

Cyberpunk 2077 players can request a refund

China imposes sanctions on Alibaba

Nissan celebrates the launch of its Leaf

Snapchat launches new Bitmoji Paint game

EA acquires racing giant Codemasters

DARPA wants to capture drones in flight

Toyota is preparing to showcase batteries that can convert electric cars

Lunaz turns the classic Range Rover into an electric car

Adrozek infects more than 30,000 devices every day

The Modern Computing Alliance wants to increase the acceptance of the Chrome OS

The Leica SL2-S replaces precision with speed and sensitivity

Xayn: a web browser that protects your privacy

Monarch unveils its new smart electric tractor

Audio notifications are available through wired headphones

Red Hat is making important changes to CentOS

Ericsson begins a new patent war with Samsung

Griezmann breaks his contract with Huawei for the sake of Uyghur Muslims

The United States is asking telecom companies to dismantle Huawei devices

Hyundai to acquire giant Boston Dynamics from SoftBank

France punishes Google and Amazon

Adobe is releasing the latest Flash Player update

The flexible ePaper color screen can define the future of fashion

The Kazakh government intercepts HTTPS data

Finland could ban Huawei and ZTE under a new law

Credit card theft software in social media buttons

It is illegal to make calls on the plane

Portrait .. Frame for digital holograms

RoboGrammar: a system for choosing the right shape for the robot

The Netherlands is targeting Apple Pay

Melomania Touch: promises about 50 hours of battery life

A Chinese professor admits to lying in a case about Huawei

America will not extend the deadline to sell Tik Tok

French activists protesting the expansion of Amazon

More Fortnite tournaments will take place in 2021

Tech companies are forced to drop their preferences

Chinese researchers claim to have achieved quantum dominance

Is Kiddle Right For Your Child?

Has the chat app that Trump supporters relied on been hacked?

China is testing fully self-driving cars for the first time

Mobile device shipments reached 125 million in the third quarter of 2020

America is adding SMIC and other Chinese giants to its blacklist

News Showcase offers free, premium articles

Uber's ambitions for air taxis are nearing an end

IBM warns of targeting the supply of Corona vaccine

AirPop: Washable mask with extra filter

Royole plans to launch foldable FlexPai 2 worldwide soon

The PS2 games are available on two new Xbox platforms

Salesforce to acquire Slack for $ 27.7 billion

Cryptocurrency Ether is undergoing a major upgrade

Expectations of growth in laptop sales

The European Space Agency is using giant tentacles to clean up space debris

Biden is called to reduce the influence of technology companies

Canada plans to introduce a digital tax in 2022

Poké Ball ... a replica of a Pokémon bal

Raspberry Pi made a mini fan for $ 5

Zoom revenue quadrupled again

Trump wants to add SMIC to the blacklist

The UK bans the installation of Huawei devices after September 2021

The US Army wants to reduce helicopter noise

Volkswagen and Tesla are developing inexpensive electric cars

Smartphone sales declined in the third quarter

Ericsson: China is driving the demand for 5G networks

Maserati to move to electricity by 2025

DeepMind has developed an artificial intelligence that can solve medical challenges for 50 years

Spotify tests the story with artists

Russia wants to block social networks

Email accounts of hundreds of executives are ready for sale

China tightens its grip on live broadcast users

JD unveils the smart city operating system

Interpol has arrested three fraudsters who have targeted 500,000 companies

Tech companies avoid liability for e-waste

Balenciaga makes a video game to launch her new outfit

A security vulnerability is incorrectly detected in Windows 7

Starlink is about to complete the first phase

Audi Sport launches the e-tron FE07 electric racing car

International Coalition of Activists launches protest against Amazon

Volvo makes self-driving cars safe

Amnesty International calls for a ban on Google getting Fitbit

The US Army is developing technology that enables soldiers to read minds

UK competition regime limits Google and Facebook performance

North Korea is trying to infiltrate a pharmaceutical company to steal the COVID-19 vaccine

France is urging tech companies to pay digital taxes

The USA is giving a new extension to ByteDance

Europe is punishing tech companies with fines or threatening to demolish them

The European Union supports consumers' right to reform

Foxconn delivers Apple products to Vietnam

China is ahead of the United States on artificial intelligence patents

India bans imports of Chinese-made iPhones

Salesforce wants to purchase the Slack app

British telecom companies could face fines over Huawei

Tesla's prime market value is $ 500 billion

Baidu collects sensitive user data

Emoji can be separated from Android updates

Fortnite Crew: Fortnite Monthly Subscription Game

The report shows the true cost of producing the iPhone 12

Super Mario Bros.3 is the most expensive game title

Google and Disney introduce the Mandalorian AR experience

Elon Musk became the second richest person in the world

Bitcoin is nearing an all-time high

Tesla Model X was hacked and stolen within minutes

China wants to build a global cyberspace community

Exclusion of Tesla Model S and Model Y due to reliability

Zepp Z: premium smartwatch with Alexa support

China funds a massive corporate breakthrough

France denies its intention to track down Muslim children

Steam supports PlayStation 5 consoles

Snapchat launched a competitive edge for Tik Tok and Instagram Rails

The first jailbreak of HomePod that offers unofficial features

Windows programs can now run on the new Mac

Western Union buys 15% off Stc Pay

Manchester United club reveals a security breach

The Tesla Model S passed the Fremont Police Department test

BMW introduced the electric minivan concept

Trump continues to block WeChat and TikTok

LidarPhone ... attack exploits smart vacuum cleaners

The most important malware you should remove right now

Biden is vulnerable to cyberattacks due to Trump

Germany is trying to reach consensus on Huawei's risks

Netherlands is investigating researchers allegedly hacked into Trump's Twitter account

Tech companies have threatened to leave Pakistan due to censorship

Serious vulnerabilities in one of the most popular Android text messaging apps

PayPal launches a new fundraising service that may rival GoFundMe

The Internet Archive announces retention of Flash games and animation

TIMES competes with Zoom and offers free 24/7 video calling

Britain unveils a national organization of hackers who digitally target its enemies

Japanese companies are trying to issue a digital yen

Sunshine Contact uses artificial intelligence to manage contacts

Mozilla released a new version of Firefox with higher performance

Russia can block US social media platforms

Beats release luminous-in-the-dark Powerbeats headphones

Las Vegas is testing self-driving cars

Trump fires in charge of election cybersecurity

Popular Islamic app that sells location data for the US military

Foxconn is testing the foldable iPhone

Bezos offers $ 791 million from his climate fund

Epic Games may also bring your facial expressions to Fortnite

Zoom allows you to suspend the meeting to stop disruptions

Bitcoin's price is the highest in nearly three years

Adobe released Photoshop ARM beta for Windows and Mac OS

Oxford: Video games can be beneficial for your mental well-being

Fujitsu is developing search supercomputers using artificial intelligence

The video game industry in China reaches $ 10 billion

China has built more 5G base stations than the rest of the world combined

The European Parliament has tightened controls on the export of spyware

SoundBeamer sends the sound straight to your head

Electric bike Biktrix Juggernaut Duo

Safari browser used to share fake news headlines

Tesla opens the largest charging station in the world

Technology companies' services may be subject to European embargoes

Tablet PC sales saw astonishing growth in the third quarter of 2020

The facial recognition system in Moscow is salable

Robotic wolves block Japanese bears' attacks

PUBG Mobile returns to India with a new game

Luca .. an electric car made from waste

Bitcoin price continues to rise to over $ 16000

Ferrari launches convertible version of the SF90 Stradale hybrid car

Ford launches electric E-Transit trucks

Ninetec hopes to create a smart augmented reality world map


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