Amazon opens hair salon in London
Amazon opens hair salon in London

Amazon has announced plans to open its first hair salon in East London as the e-commerce giant continues to explore new areas of business and promote some of the products it sells on its platform.

The Amazon Salon is located across two floors of a building in Spitalfields, a trendy area near London famous for shopping and restaurants. It will be open seven days a week.

The barbershop is 1,500 square feet, less than five minutes' walk from the UK headquarters of Amazon, and can hold around 5,000 people, but only for UK employees. Amazon.

The public can make reservations by calling, emailing, or attending the show in the coming weeks.

Amazon said: It is using Amazon Salon to try a variety of new technologies, as augmented reality technology allows customers to see different forms of colored hair while another technology allows customers to refer to salon products and display information through information. Display Screen.

If you want to order an item, you can scan the QR code that leads you to the product page via

Amazon said: It's also offering customers Fire disks to use during their appointments.

She added, "We designed this salon for our clients to try some of the best techniques and styling products."

To comply with current coronavirus regulations in the UK, Amazon plans to use the barber chair separation screen.

Complimentary face masks and sterilizers were also provided to customers and temperature tests were conducted.

Amazon Salon follows the UK launch of Amazon Professional Beauty, an online wholesale company that sells the company's professional beauty products.

Amazon said there are currently no plans to open other Amazon stores other than the London show.

Since its founding as an online bookstore in 1994, Amazon has operated in many industries: today it is active in cloud computing, music, video streaming, gaming, grocery shopping, and more.

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