Android Auto gets the apps drivers need
Android Auto gets the apps drivers need

Android Auto appears ready for a slew of new applications as Google has opened the door to programs designed to work on dashboards.

The company is now enabling navigation, parking and charging apps to display in the Google Play Store, and provides much-needed new functionality for smartphone display systems.

Android Auto is powered by an Android smartphone and provides a screen surface for compatible infotainment systems.

This method allows you to access your Android, Google Maps, Google Assistant and Media apps regardless of the vehicle's original user interface.

Although Google has taken a relatively lenient approach with the Google Play Store on Android phones, distracting drivers and apps can ruin the dashboard UI, imposing tougher restrictions on how programs run on Android. Automatic mode.

In January, Google began testing the introduction of new app categories. All related transportation methods are still available. However, it does cover third-party navigation, parking, and electric vehicle charging maps.

In March, Google launched the Android Car App Library as part of the Android Jetpack Library and made an open-source version of the library available to developers.

According to Google, most of the developers have moved their apps to the Android Jetpack library and the apps they created are now launched.

There are also many apps to choose from, including well-known names like Chargepoint, PlugShare (for people who drive electric cars), T-Map, and A Better Route Planner (for people who want to use the apps). Alternative mobility.

Unlike before, this driver downloads and installs these applications without registering beta programs.

Apps on this platform must always follow developer guidelines and carefully test them to ensure that they meet Google's app quality guidelines.

These apps should also have a fairly consistent look and feel because the library also allows for a simple UI design so as not to overwhelm the driver while navigating the app.

For Android Auto users, Google said: There are now over 500 display compatible cars.

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