Apple admits moving iMessage to Android hurts iPhone sales
Apple admits moving iMessage to Android hurts iPhone sales

Apple employees (including top management) have admitted that the introduction of iMessage on Android could hurt iPhone sales.

IMessage service is the main component of iOS and the main obstacle preventing users from switching platforms. Therefore, the service is never offered on Google's mobile operating system.

This information comes from testimonials and emails from Apple employees (including some executives). This data has been announced in documents provided by Epic Games regarding a dispute with the maker of the iPhone.

Last summer, Epic Games rolled out its own integrated shopping system in Fortnite to bypass Apple's percentage. This controversy erupted. Apple responded by removing it from its app store and asking Epic Games to take legal action.

Epic Games' argument revolves around the fact that Apple is intentionally keeping its customers within its hardware ecosystem, and iMessage is one of the main services to help with that.

Apple can simplify the transition from iOS to Android through heavy use of iMessage. However, management notes show that this will never happen.

Epic Games cited comments from Apple's Vice President of Software and Internet Services (Eddie Q), Apple's Vice President of Software Development (Craig Federighi), and colleagues at Apple (Phil Schiller) to support its argument.

Schiller said in an email, “Transferring iMessage to Android will do more harm than good, Federighi has also responded to Schiller's comments. And he said,“ Having iMessage via Android only removes the barriers facing iPhone families. "

Q: I admit Apple could have designed iMessage for Android, but it gives users easy compatibility.

Question: Apple could have made an iOS compatible version of Android so that users of both platforms could easily exchange messages with each other.

According to these documents, after Apple launched the iOS 5 messaging service in 2011, it decided not to develop iMessage for Android in 2013.

According to reports, iMessage is by no means the best messaging platform out there. However, since it is the default choice on iPhones, iPads and Macs around the world, many people use it to communicate.

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