Apple has added more than 30 games to Arcade
Apple has added more than 30 games to Arcade

Arcade, Apple's game streaming service, has released a major update for new games, including some classic mobile games.

As Apple said, it includes not only new games, but also the latest addition to the service - it is the largest expansion of the service to date with 30 games, bringing the library to more than 180 games.

There are new original releases such as "NBA 2K1", "Road to Oregon", "Fantasia", "Demon World" and PlatinumGames.

As part of the update, the service receives two new game classes in the App Store Greats, "Eternal Classic" and "Best".

For the App Store giants, Apple has added several popular and best-known mobile games to the service, including Remaster of Threes, Monument Valley, Mini Metro, and Cut the Rope.

Meanwhile, the term "Eternal Classic" refers to popular games such as backgammon, solitaire, chess and sudoku.

While most arcade games can be played on Apple TV, Mac, and iOS, these new categories are only available on iPhone and iPad.

Apple first launched Arcade in 2019 as a new option for high-end games on a platform dominated by free trials.

Apple campaigned for Arcade's monthly subscription fee (which is now included with the Apple One) but has always focused on updating the game.

In addition to the realization that some players want to watch familiar games with new games, adding old games can also improve the overall lineup.

The original version of the platform offers several services, including (Hironobu Sakaguchi), new games from Final Fantasy and several indie developers, which are mostly exclusive games.

Although the game quality is excellent and the price is relatively low ($ 4.99 / month subscription), Apple is said to be dissatisfied with the game's level of interactivity, which may be the reason behind the recent change. in this direction.

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