Apple refuses to testify in the App Store
Apple refuses to testify in the App Store

Apple declined to testify in mobile app stores and digital competition at the US Senate Judicial Committee hearing in April.

In a letter to Apple, the senator asked him to change his position. Wrote: Apple already knows that the subcommittee is planning to hold several weeks of hearings on the issue and has spoken to our employees who will testify on behalf of the company. Instead, about two weeks before the hearing, she suddenly announced that she would not present any witnesses to testify.

Senators (Amy Klobuchar), Amy Klobuchar and (Mike Lee) Mike Lee (Mike Lee) said, the company suddenly decided to go ahead with the hearing in the digital marketplace, which focuses on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store apps and not to testify.

"Google has agreed to testify at a subcommittee hearing," said a spokesman for the Senator.

App makers have long accused Apple and Google of engaging in anti-competitive behavior by generating a percentage of profits and enforcing strict security rules.

In the past year, lawmakers have thoroughly reviewed the practices of Apple's app stores.

In 2019, the House Judiciary Committee examined the technology contest, including the Apple App Store.

During the investigation process, lawmakers focused on 30% of the fees Apple app developers charge.

Criticism spread to app developers themselves when Fortnite developer Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple last year, accusing the company of violating US antitrust laws after removing popular games from the app store.

The senator wrote: Apple appears to be willing to discuss this in other public forums. Apple's refusal to present witnesses to testify before the App Store Competition Subcommittee in April suddenly changed its practices, which is unacceptable. Apple will reconsider its position and testify before the Securities Regulatory Authority in due course.

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