Apple will release a new privacy policy in the coming weeks
Apple will release a new privacy policy in the coming weeks

Apple has released more details about its upcoming app tracking privacy feature, which will allow users to control whether their data is shared with the ad-targeting app by app.

In a sense, anyone using the latest version of iOS can see the practical application "Application Monitoring Transparency" where the iOS system includes a watchlist in its privacy settings and some applications require user permission to follow them.

When iOS 14.5 (currently in developer beta) was released in the spring, Apple imposed its new rules so that iPhone users could get more orders.

These requirements are displayed in various places while using the app. However, they will all come with a unified message asking if the app can track your activity on other companies' apps and websites, followed by a description to identify the developer.

Once the app requests this authorization, it is also displayed in the 'Tracking' menu, where the user can switch between opening and closing the tracking app at any time.

You can also enable app tracking in all apps or completely unsubscribe from these requests with one key.

These rules are not limited to IDFAs that are directly controlled by Apple. A company spokesperson said: If users stop tracking, Apple hopes that developers will stop using other identifiers to track them. Users should target ads and not share data agents with them. Information.

However, if all of these apps are run by one company, then the developers won't be able to track users across the apps.

An Apple spokesperson said Apple apps comply with these rules, but that you will not see any requests from Apple because users are not being tracked through third-party apps to display ads.

Facebook criticized the change, stating that it would harm small businesses that use targeting to run effective ad campaigns and that the change would benefit Apple's profits.

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