Beosound Emerge .. Book shaped speaker by B&O
Beosound Emerge .. Book shaped speaker by B&O

B&O is known for its unique design of audio equipment, and its latest product, Beosound Emerge, allows the company to draw inspiration from what is already on the shelf.

And in collaboration with design agency Layer, they developed Beosound Emerge, a thin and smart speaker that provides all the functions and connections you need.

According to the style of B&O, the equipment is made of high-quality materials such as oak, mesh, and aluminum.

In February this year, B&O launched the Beosound Level speaker for $ 1,500. With Beosound Emerge, founder Layer was inspired by the look of the book to create a slim figure.

The idea is to make the woofer as thin as possible while being able to simulate sound at its full potential.

Due to its small size, Beosound Emerge does not take up much space and is therefore suitable for shelves or other small spaces.

According to B&O, this design allows you to place the speakers either hidden or shaded.

The thickness of the speaker is not though it is narrower in the front and wider in the back.

The company chose materials inspired by the interior design: the gold version uses oak braided supports and gold aluminum panels, and the anthracite-colored version uses an aluminum mesh and polymer side panels.

To create the book atmosphere, the front of the company branding subwoofer side wall is wrapped like a cover.

The touch controls are located at the top and have options to play, pause, change tracks, and quickly access channels and playlists.

There is also a volume control that requires a circular motion to change the volume.

B&O said: The Beosound Emerge features a modular design that makes it easy to access the interchangeable communication units that originally appeared on Beosound level.

The company stated that the removable components have enough processing capacity to accommodate updates and new features over the next several years.

And if the component gets old at some point, consumers can replace it with a newer version and still use the amplifier.

The speakers provide a rich audio experience while the 37mm mid-range subwoofer is placed at the corner and the sound travels from the front with the 14mm tweeter designed to generate high frequencies.

The 100mm side woofer processes the low frequencies and sends them to the back of the woofer.

The company stated that this speaker design allows the device to produce sound that fills an entire room, and that the Beosound Emerge comes with room calibration technology that optimizes the overall sound based on where you place it in the room.

The device supports AirPlay 2 and Chromecast for wireless connectivity and has a built-in microphone that can be controlled by voice via the Google Assistant.

B&O said: You can add Beosound Emerge to existing multi-room audio devices via AirPlay 2 or Chromecast.

Beosound Emerge will be available in B&O stores online and in select European markets on April 15, with a global launch expected in the fall.

The gold version is $ 899, while the black anthracite version is $ 699.

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