Camello robot delivers orders to homes in Singapore
Camello robot delivers orders to homes in Singapore

Singapore-based company OTSaw Digital used two robots called Camello to bring food to residents in parts of the city.

OTSAW Digital was founded in 2015 and is dedicated to developing robotics and artificial intelligence technologies for health, safety and mobility applications.

The goal of developing the robot service is to capitalize on the growing demand for home delivery and to offer Camello robot technology to 700 households for a trial period of one year.

The user can book the milk and egg delivery point and the app will notify him when the robot reaches the meeting point (usually in the building's lobby).

The company equipped the robot with 3D sensors, a camera and two compartments, each of which can hold up to 20 kilograms of food or parcels ordered online.

Camello robots are delivered four to five times a day on weekdays and a half on Saturdays.

"The robot disinfects itself with UV rays every time it drives," said OTSAW Digital CEO (Ling Ting Ming).

He added: Everyone wants to use non-human non-contact devices, especially during this epidemic.

Employees take robots with them to make sure there are no problems at the moment.

One user said that it would be especially helpful for seniors so that they wouldn't have to take anything home, but one viewer feared that this technology might cause too much trouble for some people.

After Singapore's Media Development Authority (IMDA) announced that it would conduct a one-year test of automated robots that provide on-demand delivery services, automated delivery robots have been introduced.

“With the development of e-commerce, consumers have become accustomed to having groceries, products, and groceries delivered to their homes in shorter timescales than ever before. Automated delivery robots can play an important role in expanding the existing delivery infrastructure, enhancing the consumer experience and increasing productivity,” the authorities said.

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