Microsoft could pay $ 16 billion to take over Nuance
Microsoft could pay $ 16 billion to take over Nuance

Microsoft is in advanced negotiations to acquire Nuance, the artificial intelligence and language technology company, for $ 16 billion.

The discussed price could raise Nuance's price to around $ 56 a share, although terms and conditions are subject to change.

According to Bloomberg, this would raise Nuance's market value to around $ 16 billion.

Since negotiations are still underway and could be suspended at any time, this week's deal could be announced as soon as possible.

Nuance's stock price rose 3.4% that year, laying the foundation for the company's technology used in Apple's Siri voice assistant, which is valued at $ 13 billion.

As of 2019, Microsoft and Nuance have the following technical cooperation: Doctors can record patients' voice conversations during their visit and enter the information into electronic health records.

The deal will help Microsoft accelerate the digitization of the healthcare industry, which has lagged behind other industries such as retail and banking.

The biggest benefit of this deal is that in the near future, the telemedicine industry is currently using Nuance transcription products with Microsoft teams.

Nuance products include Dragon speech recognition software. For the fiscal year ending September 30, net income was $ 91 million and revenue was $ 1.48 billion, compared to a loss of $ 217 million the previous year.

Microsoft continues to operate in the retail industry with a market value of $ 1.93 trillion.

Bloomberg reported last month that Microsoft was negotiating the acquisition of the Discord platform for more than $ 10 billion.

The company also acquired video game maker Zenimax Media for $ 7.5 billion in cash, and the deal closed earlier that year.

The Nuance deal ranks second on Microsoft's list of acquisitions, shortly after LinkedIn's $ 24 billion deal in 2016.

For decades, Microsoft entered the field of artificial intelligence through research projects, and since the early days of co-founder Bill Gates (Bill Gates), it has committed to finding ways to make communicating with computers easier in simple English.

Over the past several years, the company has hired thousands of people to work on artificial intelligence and released tools that customers can use to create apps that can understand and translate speech, recognize images, and spot differences.

The company sees AI as the main driver of future sales of cloud services.

Microsoft faces fierce competition in this area, and competitors like Google and Amazon have made significant investments in this area.

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