Chrome browser improves work efficiency with new functions
Chrome browser improves work efficiency with new functions

Web browsers have become very similar to operating systems. Maintaining productivity in these environments can sometimes be difficult. For this reason, Chrome introduces new productivity-boosting features.

Google has started rolling out a Chrome browser 90 feature that allows you to create a link that takes users directly to a portion of the page that you specify.

The tech giant first launched this feature last year via a browser extension called "Link to Snippets". It is now an official part of Chrome. You don't need to install any other features to use it.

For example, if you want to direct people to the penguins section of a Wikipedia page that talks about not being afraid of people, then all you have to do is select the section, right-click, and choose the "Copy" option. Link to highlight.

You can send this URL (which ends with a # sign) to anyone you want. When the page loads, it will be redirected to that portion of the text rather than being the top of the Wikipedia article.

This feature is very useful for students and colleagues who work together, and even for anyone who wants to share random things with friends.

This feature has started to introduce the Chrome browser version for desktop and Android devices, and for iOS users, Google: The 'Copy' link for this highlighting feature will be launched on the platform shortly.

Google has also introduced a new PDF viewer for the browser that has a double-sided view and a new toolbar that lets you zoom in and out, go to the page, and click Save and Print.

Google has developed search capabilities in the tab set and tabs to help users. Many open tabs can now be renamed with descriptive text that you see when you press Alt + Tab.

Google also discussed how the Chrome browser team can reduce the browser's CPU usage, indicating that a "freeze bookmark" feature for hidden groups will be available soon. When this feature is enabled, hidden tags use less memory and processor.

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