Clubhouse denies leaking user data
Clubhouse denies leaking user data

Clubhouse CEO Paul Davison said the report alleging the leak of personal user data is false.

After days of jointly publishing and selling over a billion Facebook and LinkedIn accounts online, the club's role appears to have matured.

Online news reports published SQL database of user ID, name, username, Twitter and Instagram ID, number of online hacker forum subscribers.

According to Network News, the leaked information does not appear to contain sensitive user information (such as credit card numbers), which has 1.3 million user records.

The club replied: This is misleading and incorrect and the club has not been hacked. The data provided is information on public accounts in our app. Anyone can access it through our app or API.

Davison also answered a question about a data breach on the platform: No, it did not happen, this is misleading and incorrect, we have not been hacked, the data shown is from the information in the public account of our app, so the answer is no.

These answers raise questions about the company's privacy policy, which allows anyone to broadly collect general information about accounts.

Last week, Network News reported that the personal data of up to 500 million LinkedIn users had been collected and published online, and Microsoft said the leak did not include data from a private member's LinkedIn account.

The news was released two days after it was discovered that the personal information of some 533 million Facebook users had been circulating online for free.

According to reports, the Facebook leak included the user's phone number, date of birth, geographic location, email address and full name.

Although Clubhouse accepts invitations only and can only be used on iOS devices, it has achieved good results in its first year with over 10 million downloads.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotify and Slack have launched rival social language platforms, and Facebook is said to be in development.

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