Google shuts down its mobile shopping app
Google shuts down its mobile shopping app

Google is known to have killed apps and services, and the search giant appears to have found its next victim. Google is reportedly preparing to shut down mobile shopping apps for iOS and Android and direct users to online shopping sites.

Based on a series of icons included in the latest version of the Google Shopping app, Google is preparing to uninstall the mobile app.

A Google spokesperson said: These apps will continue to run until June, and we will no longer support shopping apps in the coming weeks.

Added: All the features that the app provides to the users can be used in the shopping tab. We are continuing to build functionality on the Shopping tab and other Google interfaces (including Google apps) to make things easier for users. Discover the products you like and buy from them. stays active where you can see new features like price statistics to get the best deals online.

With the app, users can choose from thousands of online stores and make purchases using their Google account. The tagline is "Shop thousands of stores quickly and use your Google account to buy products".

App description: When you shop with Google, your order is processed by Google. Warranty returns and customer support are easily provided 7 days a week.

A user discovered that the Android app could still work normally. However, some users see an "Error occurred" message while trying to use the Shopping app.

The mobile shopping app is the latest product from Google to join its graveyard. This includes various services and apps like Google Reader, Hangouts, Plus, Shipping and the list goes on.

And there is an entire website called Killed By Google with over 200 projects highlighting everything that has spent on Google over the years.

When Google expanded YouTube search, image search, and shopping capabilities, as well as other benefits of augmented reality, the company shut down.

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