EBay makes it easy for you to sell Pokémon cards
EBay makes it easy for you to sell Pokémon cards

EBay has announced new features for its Switch app that allow you to scan transaction cards in popular games like Pokémon, Magic: Party, and Yu-Gi-Oh to do just that. Simplify the auction. Sell ​​it.

The new card-scanning feature was originally scheduled to launch in late April, but Magic: The Gathering won't support it until it's released.

Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh will be added in May! Cardholders will put sports cards and other interchangeable card games on the agenda later this year.

With the new scanning option, resellers can scan the card. From this point on, eBay will use the card details (such as name, source, type, and scarcity) to generate the list automatically.

Seller still need to add more information, like: for example, actual card photos, condition, retail price and other detailed information.

The automatic selection process should make it easy for suppliers to create lists.

The company said you can insert a card manually and the time required is roughly half the time it takes to activate the card manually and sell it online.

In addition to the new scanning functionality, eBay has added further improvements to the purchasing process for transaction cards for both buyers and sellers.

Sellers no longer need to choose a return to qualify for the eBay Best Seller Program.

The company is studying a “Buyer Protection Collection Card Policy” to improve buyers and sellers in today's market.

Currently, the demand for trading cards (especially Pokemon cards) is increasing and the number of people hoping for huge profits is so much that PSA is forced to suspend the transfer due to its business operations. back.

Given this popularity, it is not surprising that eBay wants to make it easier for sellers to use the platform to sell their cards.

If you are not interested in buying and selling cards on eBay, this feature may seem unnecessary to you. However, by the time you find out how many cards are listed on eBay each day, users have registered more than 41 million new cards through the platform in the past year. The card is up 119 cards per minute.

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