Facebook allows text messages to be transferred to other platforms
Facebook allows text messages to be transferred to other platforms

Facebook announced today a new feature that allows users to export textual posts and annotations via Facebook to various third-party services.

While the company has long used tools that allow you to download information posted to Facebook, the tool launched today provides a more convenient way to store that data.

With this tool, you can export articles and text comments to popular services like Google Docs, Blogger or WordPress.com.

Facebook users can find this function in the "Get information about Facebook" menu under "Settings". This feature is then found in the Transfer Information option, which is used to transfer the data to an available destination. Walk through a series of claims.

To protect data, users will have to re-enter the password before starting the transfer, as is the case with other exports.

The company pointed out that the process encrypts the data transferred between Facebook and other services.

Support for textual content export should be interesting: Facebook is developing a competitor for the Substack communication platform.

The social network wants to take advantage of the growing momentum of the newsletter industry, as many great writers have recently left the media to directly communicate with the audience via paid newsletters.

While Facebook has not announced whether it intends to include the next product in the export process announced today, the move represents a way to protect itself from any anti-competitive claims that Facebook is introducing new services.

The content added today is part of the larger Facebook data transfer project, which is a collaboration between tech giants designed to give users more options to transfer content between services.

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter were also involved in the project and provided similar data export tools.

Thanks to the team's collaboration, Facebook added a feature last year that allows users to export photos and videos to Google Photos via Facebook.

Users can now also export photos and videos to Backblaze, Dropbox and Koofr.

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