Facebook blocked more than 1,000 fake accounts in March
Facebook blocked more than 1,000 fake accounts in March

Facebook closed more than 1,000 fake accounts in March, including hundreds of accounts linked to the Troll network in Albania.

The company shared the deleted content in a curated monthly report on unoriginal behavior on the platform.

Facebook identified 14 different fake account networks in its report that were deleted in March.

Fake accounts come from many countries including Iran, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Egypt, Israel, Benin, Georgia, Comoros and El Salvador.

The company found that most of these accounts failed. As a result, many accounts were deleted before a large number of subscribers could be captured.

“We will continue to see this pattern as attendees try to use these strategies to manipulate the entire platform and public discussions outside of our major online platforms,” said Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook's director of security policy.

He added: We are seeing these participants become increasingly disliked by the team's defense efforts not just on Facebook but across industry as well as civil and government communities.

Facebook also shared its investigations on an Albanian phishing network that has 128 accounts on Facebook and 146 pages on Instagram.

The company said it had linked the internet to the Iranian militant group in Albania. The bogus report is aimed primarily at a global audience with ties to Iran and Iran, and has made special efforts to attract followers to the scene to interact with militant groups. Contact.

The account has attracted nearly 9,000 followers on Facebook and 112,000 followers on Instagram. The social networking platform said: The account was more active in 2017, but activity increased in the second half of last year.

The company found that its investigations revealed several specific features of the network indicating that all activity was coming from one site.

“All accounts are regularly posted as planned, where you wake up suddenly in the morning and evening and suddenly wake up one day at noon. It feels like a lunch break,” said Ben Nimmo, head of Global Threat Intelligence Strategy at Facebook.

He added: When you combine the daily post method with the technical account link method, it feels like a bunch of trolls working in a hot office.

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