Facebook faces infringement lawsuit for 2019
Facebook faces infringement lawsuit for 2019

Facebook is facing a class action lawsuit in Europe involving a large number of user data leaks since 2019. However, it was only recently discovered that the data came after finding information on over 533 million accounts that could be downloaded for free through hacker forums. .

Digital Rights Ireland announced that it has filed a class-action lawsuit against Facebook claiming European Union monetary compensation rights for personal data breaches.

Article 82 of the GDPR provides for the right to compensation for people affected by the violation.

Since the settlement went into effect in May 2018, related civil claims have increased in the region.

The Irish team urged Facebook users who live in the European Union or European Economic Area to verify that their details were disclosed and sign up to join the case.

Information disclosed due to violations includes Facebook ID, website, phone number, email address, relative status and employer.

A Facebook spokesperson said: We understand people's concerns, which is why we are tightening our system even more to make collecting data from Facebook without our permission more difficult and finding the people behind it.

He added: As LinkedIn and Clubhouse have shown, no company can completely eradicate this practice or prevent the data from emerging. That is why we have to invest a lot of resources to compete with them and further expand our capabilities to meet this challenge. .

Facebook is headquartered in Ireland and the Irish Data Protection Commission opened an investigation earlier this week under European Union data protection laws.

The Digital Copyright Society of Ireland said: Compensation is not the only reason why this class-action lawsuit is worth joining. It's important to send a message to big data watchers that they have to comply with the law, and if they have to pay for it, don't do it.

The organization also filed a complaint about Facebook misuse to the Irish Data Protection Commission earlier this month. At the time, she wrote: The organization is still consulting its legal advisor on other options, including class action lawsuits in Irish courts.

The organization is committed to ensuring adherence to digital rights and believes that compensation requirements forcing tech giants to pay users who violate privacy rights is the best way to get them to sit back and relax.

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