Facebook has exceeded one of its biggest environmental goals
Facebook has exceeded one of its biggest environmental goals

Facebook announced today that it has exceeded one of its biggest environmental targets and managed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 94% by 2020.

The company previously promised to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 75%.

Facebook said: It has also achieved its net goal of zero emissions, which means that the carbon released into the atmosphere does not exceed the zero emissions it can remove.

Facebook also announced that it has achieved another goal as it has now purchased enough renewable energy to cover 100% of its global business such as offices and data centers.

However, this does not mean that all activities are powered by renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy.

Although renewable energies are on the rise, most power grids are still dependent on fossil fuels.

If the company is unable to obtain sufficient renewable energy from a facility due to lack of supply, it will purchase a renewable energy certificate stating that the company has invested in a renewable energy project somewhere.

These projects can be placed anywhere, and the price of certification is so cheap that critics say they are no longer producing renewable energy.

Facebook also relies on renewable energy certificates, but is focused on signing long-term contracts to help build new solar and wind energy projects in which it is active.

The company has invested in 63 new renewable energy projects on the same grid, such as its data center.

Facebook's next goal is to have zero net and other indirect emissions across the supply chain by 2030 from issues such as business and employee travel.

To achieve this goal, Facebook is setting environmental standards for its suppliers and planning to rely more on new technologies that may emit carbon dioxide into the air.

Facebook recently tried to curb misinformation about climate change through its platform and set up climate science exchange centers in some countries / regions over the past year.

In the UK this year he grabbed headlines for some articles on climate change that were redirecting people to his clearinghouse.

All this came after activists and policymakers criticized the spread of disinformation about climate change on their platforms.

The Renewable Energy Director wrote on Facebook: The next decade is the time to cut greenhouse gas emissions. We will play a role in this effort to connect people with information and become a global company in support of climate action.

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