Facebook is blocking searches on ResignModi
Facebook is blocking searches on ResignModi

When Facebook users tried to see the ResignModi brand calling for the resignation of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi), they instead saw a message that Facebook had temporarily hidden these posts to keep the community safe.

Facebook and Twitter took days to comply with New Delhi's orders to review posts critical of the Indian government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

India has 450 million WhatsApp users and nearly 400 million Facebook users. In terms of user size, India is the largest market for social enterprises.

Facebook has now removed the post and stated that the tag was incorrectly blocked.

The social media platform said it had not enforced the ban on the poster because the Indian government had asked Facebook to remove the poster. However, the blocking was a result of certain content used on the label, but it did not specify the rating. Content type.

The temporary suspension of trademark use could raise concerns about the BJP's influence on Facebook and social media activity as a whole.

Last weekend, the Twitter platform stored tweets critical of several officials after receiving an emergency order from the government.

India is currently experiencing another wave of coronavirus cases leading to a shortage of critical medical care.

Several Facebook posts with the tag ResignModi have contained references to the Coronavirus.

Facebook has banned beacons to prevent the StopTheSteal brand from appearing in the 2020 US elections and to notify similar users to those in India today.

The hashtag has also been banned as part of Facebook's struggle against conspiracy-based social movements.

Unlike ResignModi, StopTheSteal and Qanon are still blocked and messages will show that the content violates community standards.

In the past few months, the platform's policy in India has been an issue for the parent company, forcing Facebook's Indian policy chief to step down after months of lobbying from activists.

Activists accused the Indian Facebook platform of failing to review the hate speech that led to the massacre of Muslims in Delhi on the instructions of the outgoing official.

More and more people fear that his open alliance with the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party may lead to unfair enforcement of Facebook's guidelines.

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