Facebook plans to launch a number of audio products
Facebook plans to launch a number of audio products

Facebook plans to announce a number of audio products under the Social Voice umbrella on Monday, some of which will not be released for some time.

The audio products are linked to Facebook's attempts to compete with Clubhouse, a rapidly growing audio social network over the past year, and efforts to use Spotify to discover and distribute podcasts.

Facebook Voice's plan includes:

  •     The room-only audio version is the video conferencing product I launched a year ago when this pandemic spread Zoom.
  •     A club-like product that allows a group of people to listen and interact with speakers through a virtual platform.
  •     A product that Facebook users can use to record short audio messages and post them to their news feeds where they can currently record text, images, and videos.
  •     Spotify-related podcast discovery producer who has invested heavily in podcasts over the past two years.
  • Aside from making podcasts available to users and broadcasting on Spotify, it is not clear if Facebook intends to do more.

It should be noted that the connection between Spotify and Facebook first appeared about 10 years ago when Facebook defended the idea of ​​transparent sharing, which means that your Facebook friends can see what you read, hear or watch.

Initially, Facebook will publish a purely audio version of Room products. Other audio products may not be released until this spring.

These ads are designed to demonstrate CEO Mark Zuckerberg's belief that their users are willing to use language to communicate with one another.

Facebook said that for many years we have been connecting people through audio and video technology and looking for new ways to improve people's experience.

Zuckerberg has shown great interest in the Clubhouse app, launched early in its fame and which appears to have grown exponentially over the past year, and several conversations have surfaced across the service.

Facebook usually copies the services and functions of its competitors, for example B. Story functionality in Snapchat, Zoom's Rooms, and TikTok's Reels.

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