Facebook spent $ 23 million to protect Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook spent $ 23 million to protect Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook spent more than $ 23 million last year to keep CEO Mark Zuckerberg safe and secure, according to a new document released by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

According to the documents, Facebook's annual security review describes the threats specific to Mark Zuckerberg.

The document refers to the role of the CEO of Facebook: it is synonymous with Facebook, so negative feelings about our company are directly related and usually conveyed to Mark Zuckerberg.

The company's annual review of the security plan shows that the cost of protecting Zuckerberg and his family increased in 2020, largely due to travel deals during the coronavirus pandemic and during the 2020 US elections, as well as other security increases. Security personnel costs.

The remainder of the compensation section in the document shows that Facebook spent $ 23 million on Zuckerberg's residency and travel for him and his family.

The CEO raised an additional $ 10 million to pay for security guards and other security expenses.

The base cost of security was $ 13.4 million last year, compared to $ 10.4 million last year.

The Compensation, Nominations, and Governance Committee believes that these fees are appropriate and necessary given the looming situation and the fact that Zuckerberg has applied for only one dollar of his annual salary and has not received any other payments, stock bonus or any other incentive compensation.

In the document, Facebook said: At its annual general meeting on May 26, it made a proposal to ensure the personal safety of unemployed managers from time to time. Serve you on the board.

In January, due to the strict scrutiny of the company, its executives and directors, and the turbulent and lively atmosphere following the 2020 US election and 2020 election bombs, Facebook agreed to provide personal information to some inactive managers. February: The Security List. The United States Capitol was built on January 6, 2021.

The Technical Transparency Project report released in January found that despite the statement of Sherrill Sandberg, Director of Operations at Facebook, “Although the event happened, some extreme rioters from the Capitol attack have been using private Facebook groups for months to plan.” He orchestrated the January 6 Uprising. In most cases, we did not have the power to stop the hate on all platforms, we did not have our standards, and we did not appreciate our transparency. ''

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