Firefox does not support Fire TV or Echo Show devices
Firefox does not support Fire TV or Echo Show devices

The Mozilla Corporation announced that, as of April 30, the Firefox web browser will not support the Amazon Fire TV or Echo Show devices.

Firefox introduced Fire TV devices in late 2017, which allowed Fire TV owners to watch YouTube in conflict between Google and Amazon, and it could be used with Amazon's Silk browser.

While there are many reasons to access the Internet on Fire TV, browsers are present on these devices because the YouTube platform app was not available during the conflict between Google and Amazon, and Firefox provided an easy option.

Since Google and Amazon reached an agreement, Google has brought the official YouTube app, as well as YouTube TV and YouTube Kids apps for kids to Fire TV as of 2019, drastically reducing the need for third-party web browsers.

As of April 30, 2021, Mozilla Foundation will no longer support your browser via Fire TV or Echo Show and will also be removed from the Amazon Appstore.

Mozilla said in the support document: If you uninstall Firefox after April 30, 2021, you will not be able to install Firefox via FireTV, receive security updates, or reinstall the application.

She added: As of April 30, 2021, if you set Firefox as your default browser through Echo Show, you will be redirected to Amazon Silk to browse the web.

Mozilla Foundation browser made its debut on the Echo Show alongside Echo Show, and the Amazon browser called Silk premiered in conjunction with the launch of Echo Show 10 in September 2018.

The Echo Show devices don't have the YouTube app yet. Hence, these two browsers allow watching YouTube on Amazon smartphones with screens.

Mozilla said: We realized there was a niche in the market in 2017. Consumers still need to access the content they want on Fire TV devices. So we have worked hard to fulfill this demand through the Fire TV browser and beyond.

"Consumers now have more options on how to access content through these devices," she added. Hence, we decided to focus our attention and resources on creating new experiences to add value to people's lives and keep the market moving.

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